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MDCAT 2022| Preparation| Focus on Study| High Goals| Tips and Techniques

How to focus on study for longer –10 scientifically proven tips and techniques?

Do u feel procrastinated at the very start of study time or do you easily get distracted by social media and find no instant motivation for study. If u are facing the same situation u are at the right place.
It’s normal for a student to feel nervous and stubborn at the start of NMDCAT preparation. Our major concern is the time duration for preparation which most of the students think is insufficient. But this is not the actual problem. The thing is how we can focus on studies for a longer period so that we can manage study even if we are left with little time. So here is a list of scientifically proven tips that will help you out during your exam/Nmdcat preparation.

Set High Goals

If you are going to prepare for any competitive exam then having set goals is the most important thing. There must be an inspiration and motivation behind your struggle. U must know the reason behind your struggle as there is no gain in running in the pursuit of an unknown thing .But let me tell you one thing. Highest marks, 1st rank, or admission to a top-ranked college must not be your inspiration. U will ask why? Remember these are goals but not high goals. Then what are high goals? Struggle for the betterment of society and nation without considering your own interests is something called High goal. The day you will start thinking to work for the country and neglecting your interest will be the day u made it. If u have a goal to serve humanity and to serve this country, Congratulations you have high goals. This whole world, every single person is struggling for his own self. Remember u have to work for the betterment of this society. U are going to be a great future doctor. U can influence people’s life by giving them a direction to think, as your social interaction is more than a normal being. People like to follow successful and prosperous, u can be that one person.

Plan your work

Planning is something related to time management. And time management something you learn by practicing. If u think that at the very first day you can study 7-8 hour… you are wrong. And it’s not the thing to be concerned about. Remember if u want to develop a habit it will take time.

• You can make a rough time table for almost one month’s activities. Investing on dairy or register for this purpose is something you will never regret. Make a daily plan. Before going to sleep , make a schedule of your next day’s activities. At the end of the day, check your achievement and note down the things where u get distracted and avoid that particular things next day. And U have to work more effectively the next day as compared to previous one. Inform your family about your day schedule to have a sense of accountability. This is the best way to do pre commitment. You can also asses your progress that whether you are on track or not by following this step.

Keep a record of your completed tasks

Take a separate register or dairy for writing your daily tasks and every week you have to check that whether you are on track or not. If you complete your task before given time, u can set high goals for next week. A sense of motivation will give u a positive mindset when u know that you are getting productive day by day. Productive in the sense that you are completing your tasks on time.

Avoid procrastination by one minute technique

Procrastination is something which can disturb your whole schedule. If u are planning to prepare a chapter today and suddenly you think, No, I will do it tomorrow, you are doing a worst thing. How? Scientific studies says that Indirectly you send a signal to your mind that the thing you are going to do is very tough. And when you procrastinate that particular topic or chapter to further 2 or 3 days ,things in your mind gets harder and harder and u feel that chapter as if it is a ghost. So the thing is you have to avoid it. But how? Here is the technique:

• Take one minute to prepare yourself mentally. Set a timer of one minute and tell yourself that you will start after end of this minute. During this period think the reason why u started. What is your ultimate goal. What you want in your life. Think about your future that whether u have to be great doctor or a normal university student? Motivate yourself in this one minute, lap. Also you can write down the reasons why you need to study hard. By the end of this time you are more likely to get back to your work. This is the most effective scientifically proven tip.

Take small regular breaks

Studying for 10 hours and studying effectively for 10 hours are two different things. Researchers prove that if u take little breaks between your study you are more likely to stay focused.

• Whenever you start studying for reading or question practice set an alarm of 25 minutes and concentrate fully. As alarm rings, walk away from your study place and drink water or take snacks. After 5 minutes come back and focus again. Gradually you can increase your alarm interval. By practicing this you can make your biological clock trained as per your schedule. If you have to study for 3 hours…….at least take half an hour break by method mentioned above.

Reward yourself

If u have completed your committed task of a day , u can allow yourself to use social media. U can also do your favorite things.
If u complete your tasks daily for almost a month you can reward yourself by hanging out with friends or giving yourself your favorite meal or buying a thing on which u had eye for a long time. If u like to do something, like painting , gardening , u can allow yourself giving more time to your favorite activities.

Avoid social media distractions

Social media besides having so many advantages becomes distracter at our precious time of study. It needs to be managed. Stopping yourself from putting phone when notification of a message rings is the most difficult task. But u can check the message without disturbing your focus. How?

• The thing u have to do is to write down on a page “check message in break “ and get back to work with the same focus. The same thing u have to do u with all other distractions. In this way, instead of giving temptation to your urge, you can simply acknowledge your urge without even giving into it.
U can also use Forest app or study bunny app. In forest app , when u start study a tree start growing with you. If u leave study in between and closes the app, tree wilts down. After some days by looking at fresh and wilted trees you can easily check your progress. While in Study Bunny app, after accomplishment of task you are rewarded coins. Software developers have developed a Browser extension Stay focused which blocks all the distracting websites from your just to make you stay focused. You can also used Freedom app from where you can block all distracting apps temporarily so that you can have access to only useful apps. You can also use Off time app which uses filter modes such as filter out work and friends and will give you access to only useful things. In this way you would not be get distracted by unnecessary app or games.

Use a Relaxed study space

Creating a relaxed study environment is most important thing if u want to be productive. Remember, your study space must be tidy and clean because a clean space can make a way for a clear mind.
Never use bed as your study place. Studies confirm that you are more likely to feel procrastination at your bed. Lying down or being cross legged will never make you productive. Check out history, u will see all the successful people in the world had a separate place for sleep and study. So separate your study and sleep place.

Never Study All Night

Researches prove that studying all night have a bad impact on health. Actually sleep is a thing which consolidate our memory and converts short term memory into long term memory. 7-8 hour sleep is necessary if you want to be productive and focused. Never compromise your health. Health is Wealth. If you have health you have everything.

Eat and drink properly

The mistake most of the students do is to forget about their meals while studying. This is the worst thing. If u avoid drinking plenty of water and avoid taking proper meals you will feel laziness and irritation. So, must set a reminder on your mobile to have a large glass of water every hour.


If u have to work cut out yourself from this works and lock yourself in your room.
If u really want to be focused, follow the above mentioned technique and success will find you wherever you are. Always remember

“The day you take responsibility for yourself is the day you made it.”

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