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Thank you for your curiosity in writing expert mdcat. For guest posts and post funded we are still accessible with new content from good writers. If you have an idea that challenges our readers and promotes the market, let’s listen to you. Only quality content is accepted and poorly written and researched content is not acceptable.

What we want:

Bear in mind that we embrace only original material, we do not publish something else that is written (including on your personal blog). We shall examine your application and allow you to do so. 


Article requirement: The contributor must obey guidelines, regardless of who submits the item or material. Must have articles 500-1500 words depend upon topic selection. Informational and helpful can be the post, more important website pages should be included.

  • Citations: Any facts or figures used in your article should have links that you need to publish in reputable sources.
  • Meta Description: The article you are about should contain 1-2 phrases of your keyword
  • Images: Must have an original photograph for the featured picture. Images originating from a third-party source shall include the corresponding assignments. (For feature image size contact with us)
  • No Brand Promotions: Brand names in publications are not permitted. We would not authorize your article to drive SEO or promote your company/service.

Author Submissions:

You should email engraliraza27@gmail.com the information with the correct title, keyword, and image to be published along with the material if you wish to write and contribute a range of items in a month.

Important Note:

  1. Our editorial team will review your submission/proposal thoroughly in order to ensure that it is original, well-published, valuable, and simple.
  2. Editors of expert mdcat retain the right to make any changes, deletions or corrections they deem to be appropriate.
  3. If the article or suggestion you send follows our editorial requirements, the confirmation will be sent within a few days.
  4. The article will be posted on our social media accounts until released successfully. The article cannot be republished elsewhere in accordance with the guidelines.
  5. In case of any problem just contact us in a casual tone

Hurrah! Keep writing! We look forward to hearing from you!

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