How to manage NMDCAT along with University?

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If you are a university student and want to repeat NMDCAT 2022 as well then this article is for you. Here you would find solutions to your problems and how to manage them?, how many hours you should study? What must be the strategy?, how to make a timetable?, for whether you should join the academy or not?, and if you are an F.Sc improver as well then how to manage it along with mdcat 2022 and university?

But before we start just remember one this valuable quote:

                                      “The Header Its Gets, The more Rewarding will be”👇🏻


Ø How to manage a university?

Try to complete your university work university so that u don’t feel any extra burden while preparing for MCAT. As we know most university lectures end 15 to 20 min before ending time so, just after the end of a lecture revise it thoroughly and repeat the process for all lectures. So when u come home u would have plenty of time for nmdcat preparation 2022.

Ø How much time one should give to mdcat being an improver?


Well, it depends on your learning capability as well as the demand for the topic. I would recommend starting from baby steps and then going onward. Like if u are just starting preparation for mdcat u should start from 1-2 hours and then increase your time slowly and go up to 6-7 hours max.

Remember slow but steady wins the race. If u study 6-7 hours on the very first day and skip studies for the next 2-3 days then all u are doing is in vain. Take small steps but be consistent.

Ø Should we make a timetable or not?

The most important aspect of mdcat preparation is to be disciplined and to be consistent. During self-preparation, most of us think that making a timetable is just a waste of time as we cant follow it. But we are turning our eyes off our weakness which is our low capability to follow a timetable. If u are following 70%-80% of the timetable u have made then u are going on the right track and it’s more than enough. Make a timetable for at least one month’s activities. Then the thing u have to do is to make a daily schedule and at the end of the day, u have to check how much u achieved and where u diverted and try to avoid your mistake the next day. Like in the first day if u have used so much social media then u have to point out your weakness in your register and the next day you have to avoid it.

  • The first hour of your day is too much important .make a list of the things u have to do in your whole day. And then follow it.

Ø What should be the timing for the study?

It varies from student to student but I can suggest u a rough schedule If u have developed your habit of 5-6 hour study along with managing university then u can follow this step. Mostly we are back from university at most 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM, so take a half-hour break for praying namaz and lunch, then back to the work. At least give two or three shifts to your work. And one shift must be of Two to three hours and after every 25 minutes take a 5-minute break at least( In which you can listen to Quran e Pak or you can just lay your head down and don’t think about anything). I have also started from baby steps and In Sha Allah soon I would be able to reach a 6 to 7-hour consistency level. How I m planning to work it ( and a little bit working like it is :

2 pm/2:30 pm—5 pm.          1st shift (3 hours approx.)

7 pm—9:30 pm 4 am             2nd shift (2hour approx.)

4 am—7 am.                            3rd shift (2 to  3 hours approx.)

So here u can see we have enough time for mdcat preparation If we use our time wisely. We are, lacking in discipline. Believe me, it’s not difficult. If I can do u can also. Yes, we can do it.

Follow PMC strategy:

Keep in mind that we have to follow PMC, not UHS. As we have given mdcat last year so we know that PMC is taking a general kind of paper so we have o prepare accordingly. For biology, you have to prepare from PTB as well as federal and if u have time then study from kpk as well( u can also use shortlisting of kpk). For physics first, clear your concept and then practice as much as u can. ( no need for much practice of numerical-based questions instead focuses on theory-based questions…. It’s my opinion based on last, year’s assessment, u may disagree with it. For chemistry cram and practice and English clear basic grammar rules and focus on prepositions.

The next thing is :

Focus on your weak point or chapters. If u analyze yourself deeply U would come to know that the chapters which we were weak at our  1st attempt are still weak .Am I right? yes.  If u have analyzed  your this weakness then work on it.  Write weak topics or chapters of every subject and start working on them at first.

Why I am saying this?

See here is a logical point that the things at which you already have a grip can easily be done even in the last month. But the topics at which you are weak cant  be handled incase u are left with little time. So first u have to turn your weakness into strength then go ahead.

Should we join the academy or not?

It’s a personal choice .lf u think that u can manage by yourself then no need but if u cant then u can opt for Test session of any academy . But for any reason if u cant join then expertmdcat which is best platforms one can avail.

Latest Scholarship for Matric Inter and BS level students 2022


What to, do if I’m a F.Sc improver as well?

As far as improvement of FSC is concerned it’s  important to know that exams are starting from 18 June. So at this point u should have more focus on F.Sc and prepare every topic from mdcat point as well. Here fsc improvers have an extra advantage that they can get their F.Sc books at their fingertips. This is how u can manage Fsc as well.


Always remember there is no shortcut to success. If u have to achieve something big u have to work hard for it. U have to give our best time to it. The Most Important thing is never to compare yourself with others. If u see others getting more success then you try to figure out the things they are following and give that very thing a try. Hope for the Best and Always believe In Allah. Surely Allah has a better plan for us.

Note: This article is written after so many discussions with mdcat improvers ( also going to university) as well as with toppers who have followed these points. These are the suggestions now it’s up to u whether u follow these or not. Will u follow?

                                                                      Remember us in your prayers

Article Writer: Khadijah Shabir

Review and Editing: Khalid Ismail & Engr. Ali Raza

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