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2nd year Chemistry pairing scheme helps you get good marks in one of the toughest and most lengthy subject of intermediate. 2nd year chemistry is a nightmare for most of the students. You have to prepare 16 chapters, perhaps the most in any subject at intermediate level, and those are not short chapters but really lengthy ones.Instead of just cramming and putting efforts on every chapter, you need a clear understanding of paper pattern and pairing scheme. By carefully analyzing the pairing scheme, you can get over 90% marks by just preparing half of the syllabus. Yes, a good grip on 8 chapters can get you over 75 marks in Chemistry theory paper.

Most Important Chapters of 2nd Year Chemistry Although all chapters carry almost equal weightage, but chapter 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 are most important. These 6 chapters carry almost 45 marks. Chapter 1-4 are also important. By just preparing these 10 out 16 chapters you can not only pass but will be able to solve over 80% of the paper. So, either you want to just pass the paper or want to score high marks, you cannot leave these 10 chapters un-prepared.

How to prepare for 2nd Year Math

if you just want to pass the paper?You can easily pass 2nd year chemistry paper by preparing chapter 1,2 and 9 to 13 well. These 7 chapters will get you almost 60% marks in 2nd year chemistry.Which chapters to prepare if you want to get over 90% marks in 2nd Year chemistry paper?As you have a clear idea that 2nd year chemsitry paper is well distributed over all chapters. But to score over 90% marks, you need to prepare chapter 1-4 and 8 to 12 and chapter 14. These 10 chapters out of total 16 are most important if you want to score over 90% marks in chemsitry. By prepring these chapters you will be able to solve all long questions, all short questions and most of MCQs. These 10 chapters will get you 73/85 marks which is almost 85%. However, you cannot leave other chapters. As the formula to success and working smart is paying more attention towards the chapters which are most important and not ignoring the others as well.Good luck and do share with your friends if you think this article will help you and others in attempting the papers. Especially with those, you believe are weak in studies and need some help.



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