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“Starting with the name of Allah”

My post is lenghty but it’ll help you alot, so read some of it now and then read the remaining later on.

🤷‍♂my mdcat score.. 172

Province”” baluchistan””

without any academy.(Fresher)

👨‍🏫Guidance for FRESHERS


Look there is a stigma attached to it that Mdcat is totally different thing than fsc.No it’s not.Mdcat is different for those who use to cram topics in fsc.You’ve to manage mdcat along with fsc.After intermediate exams you will have hardly a month to prepare for mdcat. And this one month is just for revision.To prepare mdcat along with fsc , there is no need of parallel prep sessions or something like that you just have to clear your concepts.Whichever chapter you are reading clear each and every topic of it and then at last practice about 30 mcqs of that chapter.Now just focus on your second year books.After exams then start studying 1st yr.


No , a big NO.If u r financially strong still there is no need of academy.There is reason why you must avoid academy.Look, you will have just 30 days after fsc and your academy teacher will be covering 6 books along with english and logical reasoning.Means per book you’ve hardly 5 days .Can a teacher teach a whole subject in just 5 days.No matter how much intelligent he is, he can’t do it.In this short time he can only give you an overview of a topic which you already know.There will be no time left for your practice and in mdcat the practice is the most important.So I strongly recommend for freshers to join saeedmdcat session they’ll provide each and every thing for free.


Pmc question bank is very different than that of UHS.Don’t solve those lenghty and complicated mcqs.They ask short lines and tricky mcqs.Try to solve tricky mcqs during your prep.I’ll be explaining subject wise


There are two types of questions in biology,cramming and conceptual.Your are well aware of cramming part but pmc also asks conceptual mcqs.⭕FOR EXAMPLE :one mcq in my paper was:

✍️✍️ If radioactive amino acids are given to a cell then which organelle will become radioactive first ?

A) Mitochondria B)Nucleus

C)Golgi apparatus D)RER


Physics mcqs were also short and tricky.The most important part is calculation.Although numericals were simple ones but calculation was time consuming.⭕FOR EXAMPLE :one mcq in my paper was:

✍️✍️Find the displacement covered by a ball projected at an angle of 15 with horizontal with an initial velocity of 2 m/s.

A)0.1m B)0.2 m

C)0.3 m D)0.4 m


chem portion was easy.Focus more on Organic chemistry.They’ll simply ask u about products of a reaction , conditions and catalyst.Or the products of a reaction will be given u have mention the reactants.


English was the easiest one.Focus on tenses , types of sentences and conditionals.



just focus on your own province textbook, there is no need for other province books.


I was a federal student so I followed FTB and also I read some chapters from punjab books.According to my experience my test was 80% PTB +20% FTB .


For chemistry I’ll strongly recommend only punjab book.If u read PTB then there is no need for other textbooks.In my paper one mcq was from the flavours of Asters , this topic is not included in federal book but it’s present in PTB.


Take a register and then first read a topic from your own province textbook and then read the same topic from PTB or FTB and point out the extra information which is not written in your own textbook.Write the name of that topic in your register and then note down all those extra information under that heading.


Every one study method is different from others.So make a timetable which better suits you.Just follow one rule : don’t count how many hours you have studied instead count how many chapters you have done.Make a target every day and then start achieving it,suppose you have set a target of covering two chapters per day then you will not get lazy during your whole day.

Study consistently for 50 mints and then take a break of about 10 mints , go and drink some water.In this way your energy will not be exausted and you will feel fresh all day long.

Namaz is the best break.


You will find each and every thing related to mdcat on saeedmdcat website.But if u want to brush up your concepts then I’ll suggest you some youtube channels and wesites.


1)Dr Hadi

2)Hafiz sultan academy


4)Physics wallah has also got some good teachers for bio.

Don’t stick only to the aforementioned youtube channels , search a topic of your concern and then check some teachers’ lectures and whoever suits to your nature and from whomever you feel easy to grasp the concepts then follow that teacher.


1) Physics wallah ( just learn theory of a topic from him , and skip the numericals portion of that lecture bcz their exam is way different than our mdcat)


3)Fam tech


1) chemistry ring

2)physics wallah




For english kips lectures are the best one , available on saeedmdcat website.


For logical reasoning I’ll recommend near peer youtube channel.



1) Saeedmdcat website

2) Expert MDCAT website

2) SKN website

3) wisegot


This is pmc’s favourite topic and in every paper they have almost given 5 to 10 mcqs , means you can’t skip it.

Don’t cover kingdom animalia from charts or tables because pmc is asking deep mcqs from it .FOR EXAMPLE :✍️one mcq in my paper was

Q)which part of brain in Aves is most developed.

A)Cerebrum B)medulla

C)Cerebellum. D)Amygdala

Ans) cerebellum

So coming to the point how to prepare kingdom animalia.You can tackle whole kingdom animalia by following just one rule”divide and rule”.Every day after fajr prayer just give 30 mints to kingdom animalia and try to cram one phylum.On the second day revise the previous one and cram one more phylum.


Whenever you encounter a physics mcqs no matter how easy it’s or how complicated its’s just follow the following steps and 50% of the mcq will be solved by itself..

1) write all the given data in mcq.

2)extract some some hidden data from the clues in the given mcq.

3)note down what is asked in the mcq.

4)Make a neat diagram from the given data.

5) now start solving that mcq.


Time management and other points will remain the same.

First of all if your fsc score is less than try to improve them also side by side.

Forget about your past and moves on.You r not a repeater but you r an improver.Just 6 months are left so paddle up and start your preparation.

If your concepts are weak and you are financially strong then join mdcat early session, but if u have financial problems then u can also brush up your concepts through youtube more better than academies but one thing u have to do is that u have to be loyal to yourself.


Selfmade notes are better than readymade notes.I’ll tell u how I used to make my notes.Whatever your teacher is delivering you just write it down on your notebook in your own words no matter which u are using , it may be urdu , english or your mother tongue.In this way in future whenever you want to revise that topic , just open your notebook , you will be able to revise the whole lecture in just 3 to 5 mints.


While solving mcqs whenever you face a complicated mcq and you are unable to solve it just note it down on your notebook and then later on analyse that mcq properly and try to solve it for the second time.


In the last days revising each and every topic is very difficult So during your preparation make some short notes as well .Let me tell you how to do that.Try to summarise the whole chapter on one or two pages on your note book.Let suppose you are summarising a physics chapter then write all the important formulae of that chapter on a single page.In the same way for chemistry try to write all the important reactions on a single page , in this way you will be able to revise the whole chapter in few mints.


Don not use social media during your prep days only use it for news regarding mdcat.You have to control its usuage otherwise it will ruin your preparation.Fix a limited time in a day for mobile phone and only use it during those hours.If your studying in one room keep your mobile phone away from you i.e in an another room but if you are taking lectures then of course it will be with u.


Inculcate the term patience(صبر) in your lives and act upon it 24/7.Let me tell you how will you do that : Suppose 1) you are going to watch a movie but in the same 2 hours you can complete a chapter so be patient and quit movie.2)Let say u r going outside in order to eat a burger here you can also show patience

and can utilize that time positively.In this way you can take help from patience in every moment of your life.


During your prep time do not discuss anything about your preparation with your friends k han bhai bta ap ni kitna cover kr lia .You will become depress if your friend have covered more syllabus than u.

So stop comparing yourself with others.Everyone has got a different mind , nature and IQ. ALWAYS COMPARE YOURSELF WITH YOURSELF.Lemme explain this line to u , suppose today u have read one chapter per day then start competing yourself and try to read one and a half chapter the other day.

Forget about the results just focus on your journey.

Pray 5 times a day and recite holy quran inshallah you will ace it. Good Luck..

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