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When a person finishes class 12, his or her life is about to take a big change. As a result, it is critical to be familiar with all programs available beyond the 12th grade. It is sometimes referred to as a life major shift since you must choose a professional path, which is a highly important decision that must be made carefully. We discussed all of the courses available after 12th grade in this article. Students are thrust into life, introduced to a plethora of fresh experiences, and forced to confront the world’s issues. It’s the time of year when students and parents are concerned about their future careers. So here we have given some best courses options that a F.Sc. student can go for.


Medical school is an essential and rewarding viable career after 12th grade in Pakistan.  M.B.B.S is regarded as a qualified medical science study. It covers practically every subject of science in the curriculum and allows students to have a thorough understanding of their chosen career as a doctor. Boys can pursue a variety of medical careers, including doctor, radiologist, lab technician, and dentist, among others. However, we would like to point out that students interested in pursuing a career in medicine should be aware that it is regarded as the most difficult discipline. Aside from MBBS, students can pursue or finish bachelor’s degrees in biotechnology, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, audiology, dental technology, nutrition, dental hygiene, and respiratory therapy, among other fields.

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Doctor of Pharmacy is a ten-semester, five-year undergraduate course in pharmacy. Pharmacy, on the other hand, provides a profession in D Healthcare. Because students with a media education may be admitted to the D Pharmacy program, there are some restrictions. This education is recognized internationally as well as in Pakistan. Your application will complete a theoretical and practical test procedure in this program. This course attempts to influence people’s ideas about medicine and educate them about it. In the sphere of medicine, a doctorate in pharmacy is an important credential. D Pharmacy has now caught the interest of candidates. Before being accepted, candidates must examine the entrance requirements and fee schemes of various universities.

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Students opt to study a topic of interest or to explore it on a regular basis at this level. A bachelor’s degree is often a student’s major career route. Students will be allowed to attend university in their desired field of study or pick their course of study after a successful time. Biotechnology is a field that combines biology and technology. In general, it mixes principles from biology and engineering, with the goal of combining ideas from these two fields to improve our lives and foster creativity. Biotechnology, to put it simply, is the process of altering or enhancing living things for human use. The primary goal of this branch of research is to develop useful goods. (Of living things). GC Lahore is one of the well recognized educational institute regarding Biotechnology subjects. If you are interested in this field then you must undergo with Entry test conducted by GCU Lahore (GCU sample paper) for taking admission in its program. For your easiness, expert mdcat providing gather information from sources and try to provide sample papers or past paper to our visitors or students for taking an idea to entry test paper pattern.

BS Nursing

In Pakistan, a bachelor’s degree is earned after completing a successful intermediate degree. After completing FSc Pre-Medical, the majority of male and female students want to pursue BS Nursing.  It is a four-year degree that is required in the sports, health care, and fitness sectors, hospitals, and a variety of other NGOs and organisations. Nursing has a very significant demand since nursing employments are available in every hospital in Pakistan. As a result, it is the greatest profession for students who desire to work as a

BS Nutrition and Dietetics

As a result, Nutrition Science is in high demand in Pakistan’s manufacturing industry. A bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics is comparable to a doctorate in nutrition sciences. The bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, is a four-year program. And a doctor’s degree takes five years to complete. Both become nutrition specialists, which is equally significant. Nutritionists and dieticians are continuously in need. The interest can be attributed to two major factors. First, there’s the worrisome population growth. Second, there are harmful diets. Both are causing a requirement for sufficient nutrition. It is necessary to be aware of the importance of good health. People must be informed about current health trends. Diet consultants are experts in the field. They are, without a doubt, specialists. As well as assisting people in achieving better health. In food production and processing industries, the scope of human nutrition and dietetics is expanding.


It is just a thought that after F.Sc. there are very limited options for career. But the reality is beyond this myth. We have discussed a few but best and important options that a student can opt. Students pursuing a Pakistani curriculum can pursue any of the above careers after 12th grade, depending on their preferences and interests; however, it is critical to first determine what you want and where your interests lie; take it seriously, and don’t follow in the footsteps of a flock of sheep.

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