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Dear students, our two active members tried to cover the vocab from google. This vocab is just to revise and to grip over your vocab prep. This may prove helpful for repeaters. Just got through this vocab of necessary. The aim of this book is to provide a handsome collection of vocabs that is repeated in the past. Most of the students do not have the facility of internet due to which they cannot be prepared well and hence there is a chance to lose their marks. Thus, by the effort of two members who do work hard and takes screenshots from google by writing one by one word. Expert Mdcat is the platform to provide helpful material and is currently working for the students to help in their academia. Every student has a dream to achieve good grades in their academia but due to improper guidance or following the irrelevant people, they are going into the wrong direction and ultimately destroy their future. It is requested to all of the students, please connect with the authentic platform and good people, so that their journey of life becomes easy and they get benefits in term of educational academia.
As our, all readers know very well, Expert Mdcat is the distinct place where students do not charge for their help and there is also no charges of any material that is provided at this platform. Now at this time, there are a lot of academies exist which demand high charges from the student and our students do not afford their fees. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, our team is continuously growing day by day and try to get helpful material for such kind of students who cannot go in the high demand institution. At this time, there is a piece of good news for all the students, especially for the MDCAT students.
Expert Mdcat launches “expert mdcat vocab book” which consists of nearly 850 pages. This book is prepared by two active members, namely, Rimsha Shahbaz & Zunaira Tariq. They are our very active members and participate in such kind of activities enthusiastically. Both of her decision to help mdcat student by providing the vocab words that are repeated in the past papers. Thus, with the continuous struggle and hardworking, they take hundreds of screenshots from Google by writing one by one word. All the people know that it is the very hectic work and its become more difficult when you know, there is no payment for this work. But, there is always some works which not require mone, just require attention and appreciation. we are pleased to inform that, one of our admin team member, namely, Khalid Ismail compile all of these screenshots and made a complete pdf book. you can download the MDCAT vocab book by clicking the link below 

Expert MDCAT Vocab (Google searched Words)

Credit: Rimsha Shahbaz  & Zunaira Tariq   Compiled by: Khalid Ismail

 Quick revision lectures by Expert MDCAT 

Unit 1 : Cell Biology Lecture #01:  CLICK HERE
Unit 1 : Cell Biology Lecture #02: CLICK HERE
Unit 1 : Cell Biology Lecture #03: CLICK HERE

 Useful links: 

 How to prepare MDCAT 2020 

Biology: it is a major subject in MDCAT preparation, 80 MCQs are taken from this book. Relatively easy, try to get maximum marks in it to be ensured for the admission. Prepare it from TEXTBOOK. Read each and every line of the topic given in the MDCAT syllabus. Use a highlighter and highlight important points. It will help u in quick revision in the end. Must prepare those RED LINES below the diagram which we used to ignore in FSC. Many MCQs are taken from there. Just prepare according to MDCAT syllabus and don’t get too deep coz most of the MCQs are just the book lines.. practice the MCQs from the practice book. KIPS unit wise test is present in the link. Give maximum time to the topics u left optional during F.Sc.

Physics: Most important subject in MDCAT. 40 MCQs are to be taken from there. Study it smartly and conceptually. Give it a read from the textbook. Memorize formulas and learn how to convert it into other forms…u have to solve numerical MCQs without a calculator so from the start, practice the MCQs and solve the fractions by yourself. Mcq Practice is much much necessary to get marks in physics…make ur own formulae notes and memorize them on daily basis. U have to study some topics from u tube too. like torque and topic of waves.. solve the past papers of MDCAT. Diagrammatic questions are also much important so try to learn all the concepts. Must take assistance from any u tube channel for the purpose. Make shortlisting notes too for the quick revision at the end.

English: This is a game-changer subject. To ensure your seat u have to perform well in this subject. 20 MCQs are to be taken. Mostly grammatical type questions and some vocab words which are given in the MDCAT syllabus are to be studied. For the grammar, first of all, learn all the rules from your sunshine handbook.. All 106 rules are basic and necessary. Prepare them well..Then go for the grammar book of any academy…The link I’ve shared earlier contains the KIPS MDCAT book of English..Give a read to the rules in the book and practice MCQ on a daily basis. Cross ❌ easy rules for the purpose of quick revision at the end. highlight the confusing rules and read them many times. For vocab, must learn the meaning of all the words given in mdcat syllabus..kips vocab book is present in the link. Steps and Stars vocab books are also good. Ur choice from where u want to learn them. Then go to synonyms and the same method, highlight the difficult ones and learn them repeatedly on a daily basis.

Chemistry: 60 MCQs in SET. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is the major portion and almost 35 to 40 MCQs are from there so give maximum time to organic chemistry .. Read from textbook…memorize the catalysts used in the reaction. MCQ practice is the main thing here. After reading, do solve MCQs to realize the nature of MCQs. Physical chemistry (1st yr topics) is a bit conceptual. Prepare this also according to the syllabus. #Chemistry_notes a file given in the earlier link is much beneficial, do prepare the topic from it after you have read it from the book.

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