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An Article by :Khalid Ismail

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
Now a days Every student is worried and is facing constant hectic situation about the selection of good Academy for MDCAT Preparation.I will try to explain you the role of students and academies in MDCAT by comparing it to a Cricket team.When a Person is selected in national team ,he is observed by different specialists like Coach,Dr.of physiotherapy,trainer ,Seniors  including all management.That person is qualified and has an ability to do for his team and nation .He is just needed a guideline, tips and some special training which is given by all above mentioned Members.After that,when a person performs Better with his native talent and his performance is 100% and I think in this performance their is role of coach also but maximum Role is of that player. .Your Coach is just your guide,your trainer.All the marveleous efforts belongs to you.I again Focus on word #You.Its on you,how you play,how you perform??.
In the same way,your #academies are #just your trainer,your coach who taught you how to study,how to cover a subject.Their time table forces you to study ,to work hard.They never let you free..If you follow their schedule properly and work for your future and work for yourself, you may achieve your goal.I am again saying ,Your role is more important,your efforts are most important..Every student can not follow the academy instructions because everyone has a different mindset and different ability to work.Some extra.ordinary students work /study without joining any academy and their achieve their goal.And these extra.ordinary students follow a proper plan made by themselves and I appreciate them❤❤
#There_is_no_academy_who________guarantee_you_about_you_MDCAT..I will never suggest that this academy is better etc.Join that academy ,where you feel satisfied.Every academy has a proper schedule,If you join any of them,Follow that academy’s Schedule and work hard on it.I will always put emphesis on you to work hard and follow a proper schedule made by your self or any academy.Academy tests are just for your practice,throught which you can evaluate yourself and your prep.
#Keepingevaluating #KeepWorking
#Note:(This was my own perception about this topic ,you may disagree also .If you have any Question or any problem about that you can comment below)
Remember In prayers❤
#Regards:Khalid Ismail
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