MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 9

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #9 (T3) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

51) Photosystem 1 absorbs maximum wavelength of light?

  1. a) 750 b) 600 c) 700    d) 770

52) A surfactant plays its role by:

  1. a) decreasing surface tension
  2. b) increasing surface tension
  3. c) no effect on surface tension
  4. d) none of these

53) Which statement is incorrect?

  1. a) Homologous organs are functionally different but structurally alike
  2. b) Examples of homologous structures are arms of man, forelimb of cat, flipper of whale
  3. c) Examples of analogous structures are wings of bats, birds and insects
  4. d) Analogous organs are functionally different but structurally alike

54) The space between two Z lines constitutes the:

  1. a) sarcolemma b) sarcoplasm
  2. c) sarcophagus d) sarcomere

55) A Dutch scientist firstly observed very small creatures in

  1. a) Vinegar b) Saliva
  2. c) Rain water d) All of Above

56) The numbers of capsomeres found in adenovirus capsid is?

  1. a) 162 b) 200 c) 252    d) 155

57) An enzyme is said to be denatured in the presence of?

  1. a) no cofactor b) low temperature
  2. c) extremely high temperature
  3. d) none of these

58) in DNA molecules, Adenine pairs with which of the following nucleic acid bases?

  1. a) Guanine b) Uracil

c)Cytosine           d) Thymine

59) To form a female zygote, the sperm ceil must contribute which chromosome?

  1. a) X b) 2X c) Y         d) XY

60) Which the following is not the unique features of synovial joint?

  1. a) Articular capsule
  2. b) articular cartilage
  3. c) synovial fluid
  4. d) fibrocartilage

61) The two domains to which prokaryotes are classified into are which of the following?

  1. a) Bacteria and Protista
  2. b) Archaea and Eukarya
  3. c) Eukarya and Monera
  4. d) EuBacteria and Archaea

62) Where does germ cells are produced?

  1. a) uterus b) ovaries
  2. c) eggs d) fallopian tube

63) Which of the following statement about the head of a chlorophyll molecule is incorrect?

  1. a) it is a porphyrin ring or tetrapyrrole ring structure
  2. b) it is flat, square and light absorbing
  3. c) Composed of carbon and nitrogen atoms with Magnesium as central metal ion, which is coordinated with nitrogen.
  4. d) it is hydrophobic

64) All of the following statements are true regarding the attachment or adsorption of the virion to the host cell EXCEPT that:

  1. a) for naked virions, the surface capsid proteins are responsible for binding to a specific cell receptor.
  2. b) for enveloped viruses, the spikes are responsible for binding to a specific cell receptor.
  3. c) cell lacking a receptor for a specific virus is not infected by that virus.
  4. d) All of the above

65) Which term is used to refer to an inactive enzyme precursor?

  1. a) apoenzyme b) null enzyme
  2. c) zymogen d)inhibitor

66) The left side of the body is controlled by:

  1. a) left cerebral hemisphere
  2. b) right cerebral hemisphere
  3. c) Hippocampus
  4. d) Corpus callosum

67) The optimum pH for enzyme arginase is?

  1. a) 9 b) 9.3 c) 9.7     d) 10

68) The lipoproteins are rich in cholesterol

  1. a) Chylomicrons b) VLDL
  2. c) LDL d) HDL

69) The flap like structure found in larynx is called:

  1. a) glottis b) epiglottis
  2. c) larynx d) vocal cords

70) The synthesis of ATP in the presence of oxygen is called?

  1. a) respiration b) calvin cycle
  2. c) oxidative phosphorylation
  3. d) chemiosmosis

71) How is the body plan of a lobster similar to that of a whale?

  1. a) Closed circulatory system.
  2. b) Mouth develops from the blastopore.
  3. c) A tubular digestive system with a mouth and an anus.
  4. d) The gut is not lined by coelomic epithelium.

72) Which of the following is paired correctly?

  1. a) Pisces-jellyfish
  2. b) Echinodermata-cuttlefish
  3. c) Mollusca-starfish
  4. d) Arthopoda-silverfish

73) The movement of minerals or water via plasmodesmata is known as:

  1. a) apoplast b) symplast
  2. c) vascular d) All of these

74) Kinetic energy of the molecule may be all of the following except?

  1. a) Vibrational b) Translational
  2. c) Rotational d) Static

75) Aldehydes can be oxidized by ………?

  1. a) K2Cr2O7 b) HNOs
  2. c) Tollen’s reagent d) All of these

76) Allotropes are of same

  1. a) Compounds b)Molecules
  2. c) Element d) elements

77) The vapor pressure of water at 8°C is

  1. a) 4.579 torr b) 23 torr
  2. c) 8.1 torr d) 17.54 torr

78) The second ionization potential of alkali metals are very high due to

  1. a) Being s-block elements
  2. b) Inert gas configurations
  3. c) ns1 electronic configuration
  4. d) Being metals

79) The break down of molecular ions from natural products give important information about

  1. a) size b) position
  2. c) shape d) structure

80) The group which leaves from the substrate in a nucleophilic substitution reaction is called as__?

  1. a) Leaving group b) Electrophile
  2. c) Substrate d) Weak nucleophile

81) How many pi bonds are present in ethene?

  1. a) 3 b) 2 c) 1         d) 0

82) Following is termed as hydroxyl derivative of benzene

  1. a) Benzyl chloride b) Benzyl alcohol
  2. c) Phenols d) Carboxylic acids

83) Which of the following element can form interstitial alloy with transition elements?

  1. a) Zn b) Mg c) H        d) All of these

84) Salt Bridge is used for the purpose of

  1. a) Producing Electrons
  2. b) Circuit Completion
  3. c) Increasing speed of electrons
  4. d) All of these

85) The temperature at which enzyme activity is maximum is called as ?

  1. a) Maximum temperature
  2. b) Absolute temperature
  3. c) Critical temperature
  4. d) Optimum temperature

86) The rate of SN: reaction become doubled if

  1. a) Concentration of Nucleophile doubled
  2. b) Concentration of Substrate doubled
  3. c) Concentration of Substrate Tripled
  4. d) Concentration of substrate remain same

87) Carboxylic acids form dimer due to____ ?

  1. a) Small sizes
  2. b) Polarity of C-O bond
  3. c) H-bonding
  4. d) Dipole-Dipole interactions

88) On which factors the vapour pressure of a substance does not depend?

  1. a) Physical state of matter
  2. b) Intermolecular forces
  3. c) Surface area
  4. d) Temperature

89) Pressure cooker works on which principle?

  1. a) Decrease in external pressure increase the boiling point
  2. b) increase in external pressure decrease the boiling point
  3. c) increase in external pressure increase the boding point
  4. d) None of these

90) State function is the___ property of system.

  1. a) Microscopic b) Dependent
  2. c) Macroscopic d) Constant

91) The reactant which consumes completely in a reaction is known reactant

  1. a) fractional b) initial
  2. c) limiting d) minor

92) Which is not a heterocyclic compound?

  1. a) Furan b) Pyrrole
  2. c) Pyridine d) Ethane

93) Production of Ammonia by Haber process is a

  1. a) Endothermic Reaction
  2. b) Exothermic Reaction
  3. c) Irreversible Reaction
  4. d) Redox Reaction

94) Kekule’s formula shows benzene

  1. a) Highly saturated
  2. b) Highly unsaturated
  3. c) Give Substitution reaction
  4. d) Give elimination reaction

95) What is the common name of 2-methyl-2-chloropropane ?

  1. a) secondary propyI chloride
  2. b) Tertiary butyl chloride Secondary butyl chloride
  3. c) Secondary butyl chloride
  4. d) isobutyl Chloride

96) in the addition of sodium bisulfite to carbonyl system, which of the following is nucleophile?

  1. a) Sulphide ion b) Sulfite ion
  2. c) Hydride ion d) Sodium ion

97) Linde’s Method is based on

  1. a) joule-Thomson effect
  2. b) Hess effect
  3. c) graham’s effect
  4. d) none of these

99) Formamint is made up of

  1. a) Formaldehyde + maltose

b)Formaldehyde + lactose

  1. c) Formaldehyde + Galactose
  2. d) Formaldehyde + fructose

100) instantaneous dipole-Induced dipole forces are also named as?

  1. a) Debye forces b) Dipole-dipole forces
  2. c) London Dispersion forces
  3. d) H- bonding

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