MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 12

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #12 (T4) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

1) The specific resistance of a rod of copper as compared to that of thin wire of copper is: 

a) less b) more c) same

d) depends upon the length and area of cross-section of the wire

2) Radiation emitted by hot bodies have color

a)red     b) green              c) blue  d) black

3) The compound or complex ion which has a ring in its structure

a) Polydentate ligand b) Chelate

c) Monodentate ligand d) Hydrate

4) Greater the number of moles, will be the number of molecules

a) lesser b) moderate

c) greater d) equal

5) How many organic compounds are known

a) 850000 b)Over 6 million

c) 6 million d) 5 million

6) What will happen in a time of 7 hours, if a radioactive substance has an average life of 7 hours?

a) Half of the active nuclei decay

c) less half of the active nuclei decay

c) more than half of the active nuclei decay

d) total nuclei decay

7) The characteristic x-rays are formed due to bombardment of

a) photon b) proton

c) electron d) none of these

8) The Si Unit for resistance is?

a) Ohm b) Ampere

c) Watt d) Volts

9) The distance between two consecutive crests of a travelling wave is 10 cm. If the speed of the wave 50 cm/s, then its frequency would be-….

a) 40 Hz b) 1/5 Hz

c) 5 Hz d) 500 Hz

10) m Object A has a charge of 15 mC, and object B has a charge of 10 mC. Which statement is true about the electric forces on the objects?

a) FAB=-3 FBA b) FAB =-FBA

c) 3FAB=-FBA d) 3 FAB =2 FBA

11) A wire of uniform area of cross section A and length L 1s cut into two equal parts, the resistivity of each part is

a) Doubled b) Half

c) Remains the same

d) increase three times

12) For ideal step up transformer Ps ___ Pp.

a) equal to b) greater than

c) less than d) none of these

13) All changes which occur suddenly or which involve friction or dissipation of energy through conduction, convection or radiation are…

a) irreversible changes b) chemical changes

c) cyclic changes d) reversible changes

14) If an object moves with constant velocity then its acceleration is

a) zero b) nonzero

c) infinite d) none of these

 15) A body performing circular motion with a constant speed has a constant :

a) momentum b) angular velocity

c) acceleration d) radius vector

16) The heat required to raise the temperature of one mole of the substance through 1 K” is called:…

a) specific latent heat b) molar heat capacity

c) molar specific heat d) specific heat capacity

17) Centrifuge is used to purify

a) U b) H c) O        d) N

18) Magnetic flux density is a

a) scalar quantity b) vector quantity

c) sometimes scalar sometimes vector

d) none of these

19) A test charge of 23 μC is at a point P where an external electric field is directed to the left and has a magnitude of 3.1 x10°6 N/C. If the test charge is replaced with another test charge of 13 μ C, what happens to the external electric field at P?

a) it remains same

b) it reverses direction

c) it changes in a way that cannot be determined

d) 3.1 x 10ᵔ5 N/C

20) if =1m and 6= 1 degree then what is the value of S

a) 0.01745m b) 1m

c) 2m d) None

21) The star which is very hot will emit_____, color

a) Blue b) red

c) orange d) green

 22) How many down quarks in Neutron

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3         d) 4

23) A stone of 1 kg is thrown upward it reaches a max height of 5 m, work done by the gravity is

a) 50 J b) 49 J c) -49 J d) 55 J

24) Light of wavelength 450 nm is incident on a diffraction grating on which 5000 lines/am have been ruled. How many orders of spectra can be observed on either side of the direct beam?

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3         d) 4

25) A gardener move a lawn roller through a distance of 50 m. Applied force is 50 N inclined at 60 degree of direction of motion what will be the work done by the gardener

a) 1250 J b) 2500 J

c) -1250 J d) -2500 J

26) The value of acceleration due to gravity on earth is

a) 5 m/sᵔ2 b) 6m/sᵔ2

c) 15m/sᵔ2 d) 9.8 m/sᵔ2

27) if P= PO and V=Vo gas expands isothermally to P=3Po then Volume is

a) 3Vo b) 2Vo c) Vo/3 d) Vo/2


28) Newton’s second law states that the rate of change of ___ is equal to external force

a) velocity b) Mass

c) momentum d) position

29) if the peak to peak voltage is 10V, calculate the peak voltage.

a) 2V b) 10V c) 4V      d) 5V

30) Total charge on any nucleus is

a) Ne b) Wq c) Ze      d) ne

31) When a body moves in a circle of radius r with angular speed ω, its centripetal acceleration is

a) ωr b) ωᵔ2r c) ωrᵔ2  d) ω/r

32) Energy of photon is directly proportional to its:

a) Temperature

b) Frequency

c) Wave length

d) None of the above

33) A rectangular loop of dimension 3 cm by 5 cm is placed perpendicular in uniform magnetic field of 0.1 T, find the magnetic flux through the loop

a) 1.5 wb b) 0.15 wb

c) 0.015 wb d) 15 wb

34) Superposition of two waves having same frequency, same amplitude and travelling in the opposite direction, is called:

a)interference                   b) diffraction

c) beats d) stationary waves

35) Find the force due to a current element of length 2 cm and flux density of 12 tesla. The current through the

a) 1N b) 1.2N

c) 1.4N d) 1.6N

36) The minimum indivisible unit of charge is:….

a) one coulomb

b) charge on one alpha particle

c) charge on one proton

d) one micro coulomb

37) If a certain piece of copper is to be shaped into a conductor of minimum resistance, its length (L) and cross-sectional area (a) shall respectively be

a)L,2A                   b) L/2, 2A

c) 2L,2A d)2L, A/2

38) instantaneous velocity is defined as

a) dx/dt b) ∆x/∆t

c) ∆∆t d) ∆v/∆t

39) Peak voltage in the output of full wave rectifier is 10V so dc component of output voltage is

a) 10√2 b) 20/√2

c) 20/π d) 20π

40) in which rectifier ripple factor is less

a) full wave b) half wave

c) both a) and b) d) none of them

41) Oil droplets of mass m and charge q are dropped between two horizontal parallel plates. Air resistance is negligible. The droplets are falling at constant velocity when electric field strength between the plates is E. Which of the following is true?

a) E=0 b) E<mg/q

c) E=mg/q d) E>mg/q

42) if a car moves from 15 m/s to 5 m/s in 10 sec then average acceleration is

a) 1 m/sᵔ2 b) 2 m/sᵔ2

c) 5 m/sᵔ2 d) 10m/sᵔ2

43) Magnetic force between two wires which are having current in opposite direction will

a) attract each other b) repel each other

c) experience no force between them

d) none of these

44) A tuning fork A produces 4 beats with another tuning fork B. if the frequency of tuning fork B is 320 Hz, then the frequency of tuning fork A is:

a) 320* 4 b) 320/4

c) 320+4 d) 320

45) The activity of a certain nuclei decreases to 15 % of its original value in 10 days. Find its half life?

a) 2 days b) 2. days

c) 3.65 days d) 4 days

46) Two tuning forks produces N beats. If one of these tuning forks has the frequency f, then the frequency of the other would be:

a) N-f b) N/f c) N*f    d) N+f

47) A half wave rectifier is operating from 50 Hz mains. Fundamental frequency of ripple will be

a) 100 Hz b) 25 Hz

c) 200Hz d) 50Hz

48) Kinetic energy of the body is increased by the 21 %. what is the percentage change in the linear momentum of the body

a) 0.21 b) 0.22 c) 0.11   d)  1

49) 4000 Coulomb charges were passing from the wire for about 12 seconds. Estimate the current during this process?

a) 333.3 ampere b) 333.33 volts

c) 666.67 ampere d) None of them

50) Radioactive maternal decays by simultaneous emission of two particles with respective half-lives 1620 and 810 years. The time, in years, after which one-fourth of the material remains?

a) 1080 b) 2430

c) 3240 d) 4860

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