MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 5

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #5 (T2) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

51) Which of the following are the products of catalytic oxidation of methane?

a) CO2, H2O b) CO, H­2O

c) CO2,H2 d) CH3OH

52) in diaphragm cell, hydrogen is discharged by the reduction of

a) Water b) HCI

c) Na+ d) NaCI

 53) The energy of photons related to

a) frequency b) wave length

c) wave number d) all of these

54) Which isomer of hydroxy benzene sulphonic acid is formed in greater ratio when phenol reacts with sulphuric acid at 20 °C?

a) Ortho b) Para

c) Both ortho and para in equal ratio

d) ortho-para product

55) What is the Optimum temperature for working of enzyme in human body?

a) 40o C b) 35oC

c) 37oC d) 32oC

56) Density of ice is_____.

a) Higher than water b) Lower than water

c) Similar to water d) Higher the 1.59/cm 3

57) The statement; energy of system and surrounding is conserved, is related to which law of thermodynamic?

a) 1st law b) 2nd law

c) 3rd law d) None of these

58) Which of the following product is formed when aldol product is heated?

a) Rearrangement b) Dehydration

c) Decomposition d) All of these

59) Which of the following is an lsomorph of Copper

a) Zn b) Cd c) Ag      d) Mn

60) The Extension of structure in a crystalline solid is not

a) Regular b) Geometrical

c) Three-Dimensional

d) None of these.

61) Which of the following has least polarizability ?

a) NH3 b) H2O c) HF      d) CH4

62) SN: reaction is a ___ ?

a) Multistep reaction

b) Two step reaction

c) Concerted reaction

d) 3 step reaction

63) Which one of the following is the correct IUPAC name of 2-Chloro,3-methylpentane ?

a) CH3-CH2-CH(CI)-CH(CH3)

b) CH3-CH2-CH(CH3)-CH(CI)-CHs

c) CH3-CH2-CH(CI)-CH(CI)-CHs

d) Cs-CH2-CH(CI)-CH(CH3)-CH3

64) The mole fractions of a gas multiplied by the total pressure of the mixture is called __of a gas

a) partial volume

b) partial pressure

c) partial temperature

d) number of moles

65) The bond b/w the two atoms is non polar ,if the E.N difference is

a)1.7      b) zero  c) 1         d) 2

66) isoelectronic species have same electronic configuration

a) electric configuration b) Ionic size

c) Reactivity d) PH

67) Hydrolysis of Tertiary Butyl bromide gives

a) Carboxylic Acid b) Alcohol

c) Aldehyde d) Ketone

68) Phopho – glyceromutases are example of:

a) Lyases B) Hydrolases

c) Ligases d) Transferases

69) urea belong to which class of compound

a) imides b) amides

c) amines d) carboxylic acid

70) When are the prefixes ortho, para, and para used?

a) In alkynes to identify the position of triple bond

b) in arenes to identify the position first substitution

c) in arenes to identify the position second substitution

d) in all hydrocarbons to identify the position functional group

71) The highly complex duct system in male is called:

a) Scrotum b) seminiferous tubules

c) Prepuce d) Epididymis

72) Which factors affect the female reproductive cycle?

a) Malnourishment

b) emotional stress

c) Both A and B

d) None of these

73) For a single gene trait, a number of genetic disorders are caused when an individual inherits ?

a) two dominant alleles

b) one dominant allele

c) one recessive allele

d) two recessive alleles

74) A chemical component that is NOT found in all viruses is:

a) protein b) Lipids

c) DNA d) RNA

75) Centipedes belong to class___ of arthropoda.

a) Arachnida b) Insecta

c) Cephalopoda d) Myriapoda

76) The shape of gray matter is:

a) Spherical b) Butterfly

c) Mosquito d) Rectangular

77) Which Of the following is not the characteristic of mitochondria?

a) it contains F1 particles

b) it is involved in the synthesis of protein

c) it is a self replicating organelle

d) Number of mitochondria is constant

78) in mixed inhibition, the inhibitor binds on the enzyme?

a) allosterically

b) active site

c) doesn’t bind on the enzyme

d) binds on the substrate

79) In non-competitive inhibition, the quantity which remains same as the reaction proceed is?

a) Vmax b) Km

c) Ko d) Vo

80) Lack of symmtery is identified in which group of animals?

a) Protozoa b) Porozoa

c) Parazoa d) Coelomates

81) The division of cocci in three planes results in formation of a

a) tetrad b) sarcina

c) grape like dusters

d) All of Above

82) The first actin spectrum was obtained by?

a) T.W.Engelmann

b) Malleus

c) T W lnws

d) W Stapes

83) First Actions spectrum was obtained by using?

a) Algae b) Fungi

c) Bacteria d) Spirogyra

84) Which of the following is true of troponin and tropomyosin?

a) Troponin binds to myosin and tropomyosin binds to actin

b) Tropomyosin binds to actin and prevents the myosin head from binding to actin

c) both a and b

d) none of these

85) A chromosome in which a centromere stays at one end is called?

a) metacentric b) telocentric

c) acrocentric d) all of these

86) Which of the following is NOT a function of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (SER)?

a) Synthesis of steroid hormones from cholesterol

b) Detoxification of harmful drugs.

c) Synthesis of phospholipids for plasma membrane.

d) Synthesis of membrane proteins.

87) Which one forms the raw material for coenzymes?

a) vitamins b) carbohydrates

c) lipids d) proteins

88) Which of the following is a water soluble vitamin?

a) riboflavin b) vitamin c

c) niacin d) all of these

89) which cells regulate the opening and closing of the stroma?

a) neutrophil cells b) basophil cells

c) mesophyll cells d) guard cells

90) What is the role of the sarcoplasmic reticulum prior to a muscle contraction?

a) it actively pumps calcium ions into its lumen

b) It releases calcium ions by active transport

C) it creates the proteins needed to cover the actin filaments

d) it releases calcium once an actin potential reaches the sarcolemma

91) The clear fluid present in the anterior chamber is called?

a) optic humor

b) spot humor

c) vitreous humor

d) aqueous humor

92) Skeletal muscles are:

a) voluntary b) Involuntary

c) Both A and B d) None of these

93) Molecular formulas of chlorophyll a is?

a) c55 H10 04 N6 Mg

b) C55 H70 06 N5 Mg

c) c55 H71 06 N4 Mg

d) C55 H72 05 N4 Mg

94) in nature, Garden pea is which of the following?

a) Cross fertilized

b) Cross pollinated

c) Self-fertilized

d) none of these

95) Another name for the sex cell is:

a) hormone d) gamete

c) gamete d) testicle

96) Where does the ovum receive the sperm?

a) animal pole

b) vegetal pole

c) both a and b

d) none of these

97) actin and myosin are the basic proteins involved in contractile machinery of our body to which type of proteins do they belong?

a) Globular b) Functional

c) Fibrous d) both a and b

98) A man with type A-blood and a woman with type AB+ blood have a child. Which blood type is impossible for that child to have?

a) A- b) B- c) AB+   d) O-

99) The organs of Locomotion in annelids are which of the following?

a) Muscles b) Hydrostatic skeleton

c) Parapodia d) setae

100) Water vapor exits and CO2 enters a leaf through the

a) stomata b) grana

c) porphyrin ring d) photons


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