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We hope our students are all geared up for this deciding phase. More effort, and prayers; each day is taking you closer to your goal, IA!
Our team of EXPERT MDCAT has put its efforts in compiling the Whole Stuff of KIPS; A renowned academy in MDCAT preparation.
▪This includes the theory part – The paragraphs of textbooks have been simplified to easier forms for better understanding. Points and bullets have been made to make concepts clear.
▪MCQs practice to help you judge your learning of the MDCAT unit.
▪ Key of the MCQs you’ve just practiced to help you confirm your answers.


Our members have compiled a series of shortlisting of the top MDCAT Institutions; STARS, KIPS, STEP. This comprises of tests and notes of these academies. They’ll surely be beneficial.


It’s a high time to avail all your capabilities and skills to achieve the ever desired prestigious institutions. Keeping in view the concerns students have regarding English, we’re uploading data by a renowned MDCAT English Expert, Sir Salman ul Waheed. He’s been teaching MDCAT in the best institutions of Multan for the past several years. His experience provides an opportunity to go through the high yield areas of English Textbooks and Vocabulary.
The data compromises of
▪Four Textbooks; Proposition, Adjectives, Adverbs, Phrasal Verbs, all underlined in different colors to help you grasp them within minimum readings.
▪Vocabulary; Compiled slides of pictures and maximum synonyms of each MDCAT word.
▪Past papers; Separate sections of all MDCAT pattern questions to help you accommodate the practice of the part you are preparing.



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