How to improve your GPA for medical school?

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Every student possesses some sort of goal to pursue in their life.  You may have envisioned yourself wearing a doctor’s coat with a stethoscope and walking in the corridor of a hospital. Dreams are normal to see and exceptional to embrace. Not every student has the guts to stick to them religiously. If you are an undergrad aspiring to get admission to medical school then this article is for you.

Students from different strata of society aspire to medical school. You may belong to a high or middle class, having a straight journey or a thrilling roller coaster ride, the only thing which matters is your admission to med school. Your hard-earned GPA pays back when you receive the admission letter from your applied school.

Increasing competition in this field:

Nevertheless, some concrete facts may decide your admission, despite your going the extra mile to reach this destination. These facts are your MCAT preparation, the growing influx of students, and your GPA. The success rate of acceptance in med school is something near 40%. Imagine how sweating your hard work is going to be. By the same token, AAMC tells that the average GPA to get acceptance into medical school for 2021 intake was near 3.6. Amid nail-biting competition, it has become more difficult for everyone to make a mark.  From the above-mentioned facts, it feels that GPA is the most important factor, if not the decisive one. Therefore, you should bear in mind that your GPA is the key to success. Out of academic fear, you don’t need to think about your current GPA now. You can search any college GPA calculator from google or any search engine to get rid of that trembling condition.

No matter whether you get a low or high GPA, you have to fasten your belt to run ahead of time. You have to muster the courage for the remaining years of undergrad.

Without a roadmap, it is as formidable as finding your way through the dark. Nonetheless, you can use the following tips to improve your GPA and get a chance of admission

Tips for medical school

Train your brain for exhaustive studies:

The students coming to medical school are the cream of your country. Their marks speak volumes of their life. Therefore, if you want to compete with them, you must sharpen your mind to cultivate good study and research habits. This is the conventional truth, if not followed may fail you in any exam let alone med school. Moreover, the habit to study harder not only improves GPA but also develops momentum for long-life hard work. Because medicine study is even more difficult than college. In addition, there is no rocket science behind it, as you have to train yourself bit by bit, and eventually, you will become adept in your developed study habits.

Select the subjects intelligently:

No doubt, hard work is the key to success, but smart work takes you to success. You may get admission by burning the midnight oil but that’s not enough. You have to optimize your work to get swift results.

Therefore, before selecting subjects, you have to choose the foundation subjects. These may include pre-requisites like Chemistry (organic and inorganic), Biology, Physics, English, and Maths.

Moreover, you can add the subjects to your curriculum you find easy. In this way, you can find time to think about other pursuits. Likewise, interesting subjects can also develop exposure to live.

For example, you can select community service to know the foundations of ethics and how to serve others. This will also help you in being a professional doctor afterward.

Study harder for MCAT:

MCAT can become the biggest impediment to your entrance into medical school. Additionally, it is an exam that needs rigorous study. It can be a make or break, despite a good GPA. As most medical colleges aggregate MCAT marks with GPA, so you have to be good at it. To perform well in this exam, prepare your whole course thoroughly without leaving a single page. Repeat the understood concepts and understand forgotten concepts. You should ideally start your studies from the day you applied for medical. Prepare notes and they keep things afresh inside your mind.

Repeat low scoring subjects in time:

Getting low marks will obviously affect your GPA that in turn will minimize your chances of admission. Don’t panic if unfortunately, you get low marks in some subjects. Try to deal with each C or D scoring subject in the respective semester or year. By the fall, you should not have repeating subjects. Get high marks like A in your repeated subjects and then evaluate GPA using any GPA calculator that you will find online.

Look for related opportunities:

Another, thing that boosts your GPA is your overall understanding of the field you wanted to enter. Not knowing the medical field may become your biggest mistake, as you are unaware of it. Moreover, you should find the related work if you want to get exposure to the field. For that purpose, you can join community service to grasp teamwork and leadership skills. Moreover, you can do shadow jobs in replacement to understand the modus operandi of doctors.

Give extensive tests:

Studies have shown that tests increase your practice and reduce the chances of errors. After college, you have ample time to prepare your syllabus so divide it into sections for your convenience. Then, you can find someone whom you should give tests. Tests will improve your endurance and you’re your speed. Moreover, they will help you save a lot of time during exams.


Students dream of becoming a doctor due to various reasons. Some feel they serve their community and nation, some believe this profession will bring prestige to their lives, others believe that they will get enough money because it is a good source of income. Whatever, your motive is, you need to be consistent and persistent in your efforts. For groundbreaking results, you need to get stick to your GPA and your MCAT result.  These two things are the bible for entering medical school. There are however many ways to improve your GPA but I have provided the best ones to you.



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