MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 13

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022|NMDCAT 2022

NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are selected from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #13(T4) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

51) P-V diagram of a diatomic gas is a straight line passing through origin. What is the molar heat capacity of the gas in the process?

a) R b)1.5R c) 3R     d) AR/3

52) gamma rays are attracted towards

a) negative plate b)Positive plate

c) no deflection

d) pass through the medium

53) if angular frequency is doubled, centripetal force is

a) twice b) four times

c) eight times d) remain same

54) The outermost s and p orbitals of Noble gases are completely filled that why they are

a) stable, reactive

b) stable ,uncreative

c) unstable, reactive

d) unstable ,uncreative

55) When an electron remains between orbit, its momentum is

a) dequantized b)quantized

c) emitted d) changes always

56) Specific Rate constant changes its value with

a) Time Constant

b) Change in Temperature

c) Change in Concentration

d) Change in Pressure

57) Butyric acid is derived from the word butyrum which means ?

a) Milk b) Butter

c) cheese d) None of these

58) The forces present within a molecule are called as

a) intermolecular forces

b) Van der Waal forces

c) Chemical bond

d) Weak forces

59) Molten sodium burns with brilliant yellow flame in a chlorine atmosphere to form ___?

a) NaCI b) NaOH

c) NaBr d) CIO

60) Which of the uranium isotope have larger mass.

a) 6.22×123 atoms of U-235

b) 6. 22x 123 atoms of U – 238

c) 6. 22x 123 atoms of U – 234

d) all of these

61) During industrial preparation of methanol, the catalyst is heated upto

a) 4-5°C b) 5-55°C

c) 45-5’C d) 35-4’C

62) On earth, plasma occurs in few limited places like

a) auroras’ b) flames

c) bolts d) all of these

63) Left handed helix in proteins secondary structure is called as__?

a) Alpha helix b) Beta helix

c) Spiral d) Concentrate

64) A very small value of Kc depicts

a) No Reaction

b) Backward Reaction

c) Little Forward Reaction

d) Complete Reaction

65) Non-protein part cofactor includes organic & metallic organic molecule & sometimes,_____ .

a) Vitamins b) DNA

c) Coenzyme d) None

66) Which of the following method is used to prepare Ethylene glycol from ethene ?   

a) Dehydration b) Hydroxylation

c) Hydration d) Luca’s test

67) 1st series of transition elements start from?

a) Sc b) Y c) La       d) Cd

68) Enthalpy of a system is also called as__?

a) Entropy b) Work function

c) Total heat content

d) Internal energy

69) Which of the following ion is stable ?

a) Ethoxide ion

b) Tertiary Alkoxide ion

c) Secondary anion

d) Phenoxide ion

70) Nucleophilic reactions of carboxylic acids are due to

a) Presence of OH bond

b) Presence of C-O single bond

c) Presence of C-O double bond

d) None of these

71) In diaphragm cell level of brine in the anode compartment is kept slightly higher which prevents

a) Hydroxide ions to reach the anode

b) Chlorine gas to mix

c) Cathode to decay

d) All of these

72) How will the conditions be changed to prevent the volume of the given gas from expanding when its mass is increased

a) temperature and pressure increased

b) temperature is lowered and pressure decreased

c) temperature and pressure increased

d) temperature is lowered and pressure increased

73) Aldehydes are obtained by the oxidation of which of the following ?

a) Secondary alcohols b) Tertiary alcohols

c) Dihydric alcohol d) Primary alcohols

74) Rate constant is denoted by?

a) k b) kr c) kv       d) ks

75) Rate = k [ NO2] , the order of this reaction is

a) Zero b) Two

c) Three d) One

76) Benzene is extra stable because of ?

a) Cyclic structure

b) Three alternating double and single bonds

c) Delocalization of pi-electrons

d) All of these

77) In the reaction of NaBH4 with aldehyde and ketones, which of the following act as Nucleophile ?

a) B­- b) H

d) BH2 d) NaBH3

78) If a hydrogen atom remains in its first excited level, how many times will its radius be greater than Bohr’s radius

a) twice b) four times

c) same, same d) eight times

79) Glass is an example of

a) ionic solid b) covalent solid

c) pseudo solid d) semisolid

80) Electron affinity is the measure of for extra electron

a) repulsion of electron

b) attraction of electron

c) attraction of nucleus

d) repulsion of nucleus

81) in the enthalpy relation, AH=(q)p + A(PV) the value A(PV) can be neglected for the reactions involving __?

a) Gases b) Liquids

c) Liquids and solids

d) Liquids and Gases

82) Hydrogen bonding is involved in

a) cleansing action of soap

b) biological molecule

c) solubility

d) all of these

83) How many molecules of Hz adds in acetylene to form ethane?

a) 1 b) 3 c) 4         d) 2

84) A full stop may have atoms present in it

a) one million b) two millions

c) one billion d) two billions

85) Which of following is trihydric alcohol

a) Glycol and cyclohexanol

b) glycerol

c) ethylene glycol

d) resorcinol

86) What is the value of molecularity and order of SN: reactions?

a) 2,1 b) 1,1

c) 0,1 d) 0,2

87) Water is considered as a Universal solvent because of which properties?

a) Polar nature of water

b) H-bonding

c) Electronegativity difference

d) All are correct

88) With which of the following Grignard reagents react to form Alkanes?

a) Ammonia b) Water

c) Methanol d) All of these

89) Solubility of carboxylic acids ?

a) Decreases with increase of volume

b) Decreases with increase in molecular mass

c) Increases with increase in molecular mass

d) None of these

90) Arrangement of metals on the basis of their electrode potentials on standard hydrogen scale is called

a) Reactivity series b) Potential Difference c) Activated Potential

d) Electrochemical Series

91) Formic acid is obtained from__?

a) Apples b) Butter

c) Ant’s sting d) foam

92)  Among halogens iodine is solid at room temperature while Br2 is liquid and CLF are gases at room temperature, why?

a) Due to stronger dipole forces

b) Due to polarity

c) Due to stronger London forces

d) Due to stronger Debye forces

93) Which of the following family is linked with plant ashes ?

a) Nitrogen Family

b) Alkali metals

c) Rare earth metals

d) Oxygen Family

94) Caustic Soda is made by electrolysis of concentrated solution of NaCI in

a) Nelson’s Cell b) Hg Cell

c) Castner Kellner Cell d) All of these

95) in which of the following benzene is isolated?

a) Naphthalene b) Diphenyl ethane

c) Phenanthrene d) Anthracene

96) Carboxylase are example of which type of enzyme:

a) Hydrolases b) Lyases

c) Transferases d) Ligases

97) The catalyst in the formation of ester from alcohol and a weak acid is

a) A base b) Palladium

c) Nickel d) A mineral Acid

98) Quantum number values for 2p orbitals are

a) n=1,I=2 B) n=1,I = 2

c) n = 1, I= d) n=2,l=

99) As the hydrolysis of ester proceeds more and more acid is formed giving a

a) Rising curve b) Falling Curve

c) Straight line d) None of these

100) if in a solution of alkyl halide in a nonpolar solvent, base is added which of the following reaction takes place?

a) SN2 b) E1 c) SN1      d) E1

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