MDCAT Syllabus 2022

MDCAT preparation 2022|NMDCAT 2022 UPDATED Syllabus|NMDCAT 2022

As amended on 27th June 2022
(Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Logical Reasoning)

In order to standardize the admission process, the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC)
has decided to conduct a uniform admission test for all medical and dental institutions in
Pakistan. This will ensure that all candidates are given equal opportunities to perform. This
was a difficult task as the candidates appearing in this examination come from diverse?
Backgrounds and different levels of education.
One of the greatest challenges was to devise a common syllabus that encompasses
not only the content taught in the premedical years but to notes the topics missing from
Various syllabi. The MDCAT syllabus will not favor any group or place another to any
The National Medical and Dental Academic Board of the PMC was directed to complete
The above-mentioned task. In order to achieve this, the syllabus documents from the
following boards were reviewed (in alphabetical order):
1. Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
2. Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
3. Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad
4. MCAT syllabus (AAMC)
5. Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen
6. Sindh Boards Committee of Chairmen
7. University of Cambridge A-level syllabus
MDCAT is designed to evaluate the problem-solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of
natural, behavioral, and social sciences concepts and principles of a candidate required
for the study of medicine. MDCAT will be a standardized multiple-choice computer-based
Examination. MDCAT will also test the aspirants’ other abilities like intuitive and critical
Thinking skills.


• Total number of MCQs: 200
• Duration of MDCAT: 3.5 hours
• Format: Computer-based MCQs
• Minimum pass marks for Medical College Admission: 65%
• Minimum pass marks for Dental College Admission: 55%
• No negative marking
Percentage No of MCQs
Chemistry -54
Physics  -54
English -18
Logical Reasoning – 6
TOTAL -200
• 20 % MCQs —– Easy
• 60% MCQs—— Moderate
• 20% MCQs—— Hard
• Note: In Biology, Chemistry and Physics section, 70% questions will be recall and 30% will be
application level.

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