Selection of Medical Colleges|Preference Guideline

Make medical college selection easier by categorizing them


 all other colleges 

case 1:
If you make a merit of CAT A which is 90.2%+ in this year and cat a is located in your hometown then well enough u must join it
If you make a merit of cat A but u your hometown is Cat B. then you must join CAT B. because in this case, CAT B become cat A for you including homesickness factor which will disturb u whole year and the major thing is your environment. you are well adjusted in your city but outside looks look like you are the homeless person, I will not request you go for cat B
If you make an aggregate of Cat A but your hometown is in cat C now it’s up to you both leaving cat c and joining cat A or joining cat c is favourable but depend on your taste …
case 2 :
if you have Aggregate of Cat B but your hometown is in cat C then you have to join college of your hometown CAT B aggregate nowadays is 89.4- 90.2
case 3: 
The aggregate of cat C then join your nearest college from your hometown, don’t be mad to follow merit of previous year cat c aggregate is 88.5-89.4

Case 4: 
There is no college in your hometown then go to cat A, B, C which suitable  to your merit condition and other factors as well

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