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White coat is considered an honor in our society. For which, 80k students worked day and night to appear in MDCAT. Yes! It is a respectable profession. A profession in which our parents always dream to see us in. But if you believe ALLAH is the best planner, there are ways in which HE rewards HIS people. You may not get the exact thing you desired for, but HE is all powerful to still grant you the fruit of your efforts. You are NOT standing at a dead end after appearing in a single test, MDCAT. There are a lot of fields you can excel in, with a belief in ALLAH. Remember, this world believes in “Survival of the fittest”. Be incomparable and unbeatable in any field, and the world bows to you! Focus on the way you can adopt new pathways rather than regretting the unavailed. You’ll surely be blessed with the best IA.Following is the complete details and scope of all mentioned degrees👇👇
SCOPE AND Universities Offering all these programs

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