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Here are some of the important tips which are helpful for ur preparation for entry test specaily for fresh appearing students follow

These tips coz these will be helpful as it was experience by most of my colleges nd me my self

1)#MCQS -Formate

A student who have no idea about entry test should first know the formate of entry test mcqs like what sort of mcqs are asked in entry test so that he!she get an idea regarding the mcqs formate

2)# Study – time table

Make a proper time table for ur entry test study based upon syllabus not an time means how much course u will cover how much time u will study cause course covering in very productive then time for study

3)# How to concentrate

As concentration is very important for memorizing some thing also u have to set alone where there is no #tv # Kid’s

# No discussion

Nd very important thing switched off ur # Mobile during study houre coz mobile will not let u concentrate


Stick to ur textbook coz ur test will be made from ur textbook so it should be ur first prority to study it kennly so many times with open mind nd think over everyline coz each time u should study a topic u will get new point nd ur concept will be clear

5)#Mcqs Book

Ur second priority is go for any mcqs book just be practice mcqs not to memorize or cram coz they will put mcqs will different data do practice it once u have commond on ur textbook

6)#Past paper

Go through old entry test paper coz every year mcqs taken from these paper so it will help in that rregard


As self study is for better if u have no issues in ur course but if u have problem then do join academy as well as self study

Text Credit – Rehman Malik


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