Private Medical Colleges Admission Guidlines|Part2|

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Awareness Guidlines
(Part 2)
When u plan to take admission in private medical college following questions come into ur mind
Should I take admission in private medical college?
Yes if becoming dr is ur dream & u can afford the fee u should definitely take admission in private medical college.
*Is  degree of govt & private medical colleges same?
Yes degree is awarded by the university so all the college under uhs have degree of uhs.
*Are there employment opportunities for the graduates of private medical colleges?
Yes private medical graduates have equal employment opportunities after the graduation.
*Can we get the job in govt hospitals after the graduation? 
Yes definitely
*Can we do specialization in govt hospitals after graduation?
For specialization there is a merit based selection system just like for mbbs so if ur name comes into the merit list u would get the training.
*Can we go abroad for specialization after graduation? 
For specialization or job  in anyother country u have to pass the licensing exam of the respective country(usmle incase of usa). If u pass the exam u can get the job or training. Exam is also mandatory for govt medical graduates.
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