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Physics the most difficult subject as per students, but believe me if u give this subject it’s due importance without panicking, so it will be a most easiest subject because at the last moment if your concepts are clear u just have to revise the formula sheet and u can get through it….

I wanted to share my notes that i made during my mdcat, my respected Sir ahmed farooq made these comprehensive nd worth reading notes, he taught us like we never heared the word of physics before it
In that notes I have considered every single point regarding full fledged preparation of physics, any point which I came across either from test or from teachers, from book, from kets or from 1000 anything that’s new for me, u have written everything at one place so at last I have little thing to catch up.
They include all the basic points ©chapterwise
© The numericals
©Mcqs related to that topic
© Imp points from redspot
There are 40 mcqs of physics, which are not actually difficult if your concepts are clear…
You just have to grasp the basic concepts, and then PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE..
What ever u get, acc to you, new u have to write it in one place then just go through it on daily basis…
First you have to grasp a concept of that topic then write that concept in your own words, because at the end you just want to read that, then practice it from kets, from 1000 mcqs or any practicing material but again if you get something new write it and make clear concept
And at last you have to squeeze these notes so at the end you have few things to revise
I hope this will help you guys,
Remember me n my sir in your precious prayers

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Credit: Fareeha Naseer


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