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Success Story of Medical Student
Story Teller: Sehrish Saghir (Person In-self)

ASSALAMUALAIKUM O ALAIKUM. I am Sehrish Saghir. First year medical students of KHAWAJA MUHAMMAD SAFDAR MEDICAL COLLEGE, SIALKOT. I got admission last year in my 4th attempt or so called 5th if include MDCAT retake.

For your Read: It all started when I got 812/1050 marks in Matric in 2012. Yes 812 (77%). Marks on which rarely one can imagine to be a Doctor. I also didn’t. My schools teachers asked me to take Pre medical so I took admission in Fsc pre med at A Govt. Women college. There I know what Mcat is.. and also realized that my marks aren’t good enough. Got 443/550 in First year and 858/1100 in second year in 2014. Took Mcat of 2014 and end up with 630/1100 marks. 67.5693 Agg. My life’s first Failure. The time I realized “No I’ve to be something. I have to be. I can’t let my life go this way. This MBBS failed me. i’ll beat it.”. I asked my father to enrolled me in KIPS repeater session. He asked me repeatedly to not do this, do something else, don’t waste time. But I made him agreed by saying i’ve to do this.. I joined session at Kips AIT campus. I focused on fsc and improved marks from 858 to 996 in 2015. A great achievement but I couldn’t do best in mcat and got 817 marks. Because I didn’t join test session and thought i’ll do it at home. And couldn’t do. Aggregate 81.0878. My father said ” leave it. You can’t do this”. I write those words on my heart. I made a promise that i’ll beat my marks.. i’ll improve it. Didn’t take admission. Read those books again. I was failure in front of my family, relatives. Every 3rd person come and advice me do this and do that.. I just listened everyone but I had my goal. MCAT session started and I again get into KIPS. Prepared well from day 1. Took every test. Scored well .. took notes lectures. Mcat 2016 I got 956 agg of 87.406. Confident enough that I’ll get admission. But merit end up at 88.6. In my confidence I didn’t apply somewhere else.. and when you didn’t find your name in merit list 3rd time and you hadn’t applied somewhere else. Its like you lose everything. Many of you get through this feeling . That time I thought it’s end. I gave my best. How i’ll defeat myself now. Now what. I weap every night. There i thought “I am a failure”. Everyone was right . I can’t do it. I asked my fathet I am not going to do this again. I’ll do something else. And he said ” Sehrish for past three years you are giving MCAT for yourself. This time give it for me. You can do it. 😊” I said i’ll do it. I thought again what was my weak points and there I came to know I didn’t focus well on books. I didn’t read them well and repeatedly. Went to my academy again. Worked again.. wasn’t motivated enough. Wasn’t scoring well in tests. But I didn’t give up. I keep on reading text books . For Bio, physics, chemistry I read every single line, Word again and again. For physics notes are must but books.. don’t leave them. In MDCAT (1) 2017 I scored 858. Aggregate of 82.95. And for MDCAT Retake, I prepared fully. Read books.. I did that at home.. Read again and again. And as my previous attempts in my last days of preparation I slowed down my preparation, get exhausted. But this tim I didn’t let these things happen. I scored 998. Aggregate 89.3152. And finally I made it. You can do anything if you really want it from heart. No one can beat you but you.. beat your marks.. And remember one word IMPROVE. just improve. Your marks and preparation everything must be improved. See where u r weak and work on it. I’ll pray for all of you. May ALLAH give you best.

Message: Hope you are well and in high spirits, for the month of August finally arrives and the life-changing day of your life is not far. Hope you are having firm control over your nerves and the situation. The preparatory test sessions are drawing to a close. The determined ones among you will have conquered most of their deficiencies and learned the tactics by this time. Each day gives you a new chance to improve yourself. You have all the time to make yourself better and better till the night before the test. Grasp every opportunity that comes your way. And by opportunity, we mean the tests that can give you a chance to test your time management skills and put your knowledge into action. Every academy has scheduled crash tests/ grand tests/mock tests and all of them are good enough for preparatory purposes. Many of you must have joined multiple academies to give yourself exposure to different MCQs and scenarios. For the sake of this very exposure, EXPERT MDCAT provides Online TEST & Notes for their valuable MDCATians. We don’t need to make you understand why you should appear in this test, for the wise ones among you must have already understood the value of practice at this point of the journey and definitely you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity of testing yourself.


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