MDCAT Success Story by Salwa Anwar |1st year MBBS Student


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Story Teller: Salwa Anwar (Person In-self)
Salam Everyone!My name is Salwa. I’m a Student of First year MBBS and I’m here to share my story with you. 

For your Read: I gave my first Mdcat attempt in 2018.I was a bright student but i had poor concepts especially in physics and i found it hard. I went to Kips Academy for my first attempt, in all honesty, it was a good academy but i did not do justice to my studies and i did not get good marks in Mdcat, i got 972 in Fsc which were very disappointing and my aggregate was 83.5. I wanted to give myself a second chance. Many people told me to move on but i thought that i have to prove myself. I faced alot of critic but to be honest jab Allah saath ho kisi ki baaton se koi farak nhi parta, kamyaabi Allah ki zaat deti h uskay banday nhi. So i repeated physics chemistry and urdu. I got alot of study material from Expert Mdcat.and many people gave motivation and inspiration which made me want to excel and achieve my goal although i was very far from it. So I joined Step in my second attempt, I thought it was a better choice but to make things clear, parhna ap nay khud hi hota hai. I put in my sweat and blood and improved 69 marks in Fsc and got 1041 and 186 in mdcat now my aggregate is 93.81 if i can improve 10 points then so can you! You can also achieve your goals just focus on your studies and put in alot of effort to clear your concepts, ask multiple questions kabhi na sharam mehsus karna aur hamesha hamesha Allah say dua karo aur uspe bharosa karo woh hamesha hamaray haq mein behtr karta hai. If anyone needs help, feel free to ask. By no means am i trying to show off. This post is just for helping you out and to give motivation if you are discouraged or depressed. I hope it helps you. 🌸 Good luck

Message: Hope you are well and in high spirits, for the month of August finally arrives and the life-changing day of your life is not far. Hope you are having firm control over your nerves and the situation. The preparatory test sessions are drawing to a close. The determined ones among you will have conquered most of their deficiencies and learned the tactics by this time. Each day gives you a new chance to improve yourself. You have all the time to make yourself better and better till the night before the test. Grasp every opportunity that comes your way. And by opportunity, we mean the tests that can give you a chance to test your time management skills and put your knowledge into action. Every academy has scheduled crash tests/ grand tests/mock tests and all of them are good enough for preparatory purposes. Many of you must have joined multiple academies to give yourself exposure to different MCQs and scenarios. For the sake of this very exposure, EXPERT MDCAT provides Online TEST & Notes for their valuable MDCATians. We don’t need to make you understand why you should appear in this test, for the wise ones among you must have already understood the value of practice at this point of the journey and definitely you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity of testing yourself.


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