MDCAT Chemistry Mock Test 2019

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Dear MDCATians,
You are less than a week away from achieving your dream. Do not get tired or lose hope at this point of your journey. Keep up the struggle. It’s up to you whether you want to burn the midnight oil and sacrifice your comforts for a few days or not.
At this point, most of you will be at the peak of your preparations. Your knowledge is at its best right now. So why not give a try to the CHEMISTRY MOCK TEST. You can easily judge your grip on the subject by the outcome of this test.

The subject Chemistry is arguably the most rewarding one, in the sense that there are only a few tricky points and numerical. The rest is pure concept and cramming. Do not compromise or take this subject lightly. Revise the reactions and their mechanisms carefully. For the sake of revision and practice, EXPERT MDCAT has provided your another golden opportunity. The MCQs given in this test are the recurring ones over the years. This test is a very good chance for the final revision of the whole syllabus. We look forward to your availing it.
Test credit: Abdul Manan
Special thanks: Jamal Nasir, Amna Mehmood, Areej Mujtaba

Team Expert Mcat

Good luck!
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