MDCAT Practice Test 2022|Test No 20

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NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

NMDCAT 2022 Practice Tests are being uploaded to help the students in the evaluation of entry Test Preparations. These practice MCQs are chosen from PMC Practice Test 2021. Attempt the following MCQs posted by Expert MDCAT.

Here is the Test No #20 (T9) of NMDCAT Practice Tests 2022

1) in Thermodynamics zeroth law is related with

a) Work b) Energy

c) Thermal equilibrium d) Entropy

2) The angle through which a body moves is called:

a) Angular displacement

b) Angular velocity

c) Angular acceleration

d) None of these

3) When Ns>Np then transformer is

a) step up b) step down

c) primary d) secondary

4) The Si Unit for resistance is?

a) Ohm b) Ampere

c) Watt d) Volts

5) Rectifier is a device which converts

a) AC to DC b) DC to AC

c) AC to triangular current

d) DC to triangular current

6) An electron is held within electric field. What happens when electron is released?

a) it moves in the direction of electric field

b) it accelerates in the direction of electric field

c) it moves in the direction opposite to electric field

d) it accelerates in the direction opposite to electric field

7) Centrifuge is used to purify

a) U b) H c) O        d) N

8) Critical angle is the angle of incidence in the denser medium for which the angle of refraction in the rarer medium is equal to:…

a) O deg b) angle of incidence

c) twice the angle of incidence

d) 90 deg

9) The SI Unit of electric charge is?

a) Coulomb b) Ampere

c) Hertz d) Volt

10)  He-Ne laser light has wavelength of



11) Electron charge in accelerating motion will produce

a) electric field b) magnetic field

c) EM waves d) none of these

12) Beats can be used for:

a) counting the heart beat

b) tuning a string instrument

c) measuring frequency of pendulum

d) none of above

13) A half wave rectifier is equivalent to

a) Clamper b) Clipper

c) Clamper circuit with negative bias

d) Clamper circuit with positive bias

14) The resistance of a wire on increasing its temperature will

a) increase with a rise in temperature

b) Decrease with a rise in temperature

c) Will remain the same

d) Depends upon the altitude of experimentation

15) You have three capacitors and a battery. In which of the following combinations of the three capacitors is the maximum possible energy stored when the combination is attached to the battery?

a) in parallel

b) in series

c) either way because both combinations have the same capacitance

d) we can not determine, because presence of resistance in the circuit determines capacitance

16) The graphical representation of Ohm’s law is

a) Hyperbola d) Ellipse

c) Parabola d) Straight line

17) Lenz’s law provides information about direction of

a) inductance b) induced current

c) induced flux d) induced magnetic field

18) A charged particle is moving on circular path with velocity v in a uniform magnetic field B, if the velocity of the charged particle is doubled and strength of magnetic field is halved, then radius becomes

a) 8 times b) 2 times

c) 4 times d) 16 times

19) Angular velocity is also called as

a) instantaneous velocity

b) Rotational velocity

c) Tangential velocity

d) Linear velocity

20) Half wave rectifier passes only

a) lower half cycle

b) upper half cycle

c) both cycle

d) none of them

21) Which of the following substances cannot be emitted by radioactive substances during their decay?

a) protons b) neutrinos

c) helium nuclei d) electrons

22) A stone of 1 kg is thrown upward it reaches a max height of 5 m, work done by the gravity is

a) 50 J b) 49J c) 43 J    d) 55 J

23) A solenoid 15.0 cm long has 300 turns of wire, a current 5 A flows through it. The magnitude of magnetic field inside the solenoid is

a) 137*10ᵔ-7 w/mᵔ2

b) 1.37*10ᵔ-5 w/mᵔ2

c) 137*10ᵔw/mᵔ2

d) 137*10ᵔ-2 w/mᵔ2

24) The successive distance between two crests is called?

a) time period b) Wavelength

c)Wave speed    d) Frequency

25) if velocity varies with time in quadratic manner then acceleration

a) constant b) zero

c) linearly varying

d) varies as tᵔ3

26)  The nuclear forces are considered as

a) strong force b) weak force

c) electromagnetic d) all of these

27)  An object is moving at constant speed, which of the following is always true:…

a) distance is greater than displacement

b) distance is lesser than displacement

c) distance is equal to displacement

d) we cannot answer

28) If 1.002×10ᵔ6 J if thermal energy is required to melt some ice at its melting point , what is the mass of ice that melts? Specific latent heat of fusion of ice is 334 J/g

a) 1 kg b)2kg c) 3kg    d) 4kg

29) The radioactive waste is used as

a) fuel b) nuclear medicine

c) crops fertilization d) none of these

30) if Q, E and W are the parameters in cyclic process then

a) W=0 b) Q=0=W

c) E=0 d) W=0

31) Spectrum from H atom is

A) line b) continuous

c) band d) none of these

32) A standing-wave pattern is formed when the length of the string is:

a) an odd multiple of quarter wavelength

b) an integral multiple of quarter wavelength

c) an integral multiple of wavelength

d) an integral multiple of half wavelength

33) Half life of Au-198 is 2.7 days. What will be the average life?

a) 1.9 days b) 3.9 days

c) 2.9 days d) 49 days

34) Light of wavelength 450 nm is incident on a diffraction grating on which 5000 lines/cm have been ruled. Determine the angle corresponding to third order.

a) 13 b) 26 c) 42.5   d) 39.5

35) Existence of photon was confirmed by:

a) Compton b) De’ broglie

c) Einstein d) Max planck

36) Calculate the mutual inductance between two coils if a current 10 A in the primary coil changes the flux by 500 Wb per turn in the secondary coil of 200 turns.

a) 10H b) 10000H

c) 100H d)1000H

37) Which rays need medium to travel

a) x-rays b) beta rays

c) gamma rays

d) no radiation need medium to travel

38) Transformer is based on the theory of

a) self inductance only

b) mutual inductance

c) Capacitive effect

d) all of these

39) What force provides the centripetal force to planets moving around the sun?

a) coulomb force b) gravitational force

c) magnetic force d) none of these

40)  One coulomb charge is carried by…

a) 6.25 x 10ᵔ+18 b) one proton

c) one proton d) 16x 10ᵔ+19

41)  An ideal gas of N molecules are enclosed in a container at a constant pressure p. The graph between volume of gas and its absolute temperature is a straight line. What is the gradient of the graph?

a) NR—p b) NRP

c) N k —p d) N k p

42) To get a peak load voltage of 40V out of a bridge rectifier, what should be the approximate mms value of secondary voltage?

a) 0 b) 14.4V

c) 28.3V d) 56.6V

43) if a car moves from 15 m/s to 5 m/s in 10 sec then average acceleration is

a) 1mj/sᵔ2 b) 2m/sᵔ2

c) 5 m/sᵔ2 D) 10m/sᵔ2

44) What is the power of a bulb if it is operated at 220V and the current in the circuit is 1.5 Amp

a) 330 watt b) 430 watt

c) 530 watt d) 500 watt

45) Where does the energy lost by fast moving electron goes :

a) Appears as photon

b) Appears as electron – positron pair

c) Appears as its ILE.

d) It vanishes

46)  KE of body is increased by 44 %, what is the percentage increase in the momentum

a) 10% b) 20 % c) 30% d) 44%

47) A circular loop of area 0.05 mᵔ2 rotates in a uniform magnetic field of 0.2 T. If the loop rotates about its diameter which is perpendicular to the magnetic field, find flux linked with loop when its plane is inclined degree to the field

a) 0.01 wb b) 0 Wb

c) 8.66*10ᵔ-3 Wb

d) 0.86 wb

48)  A heater is used for 5 minutes to heat 500 g of water from 20C to 50C. What is the power of heater? Specific heat capacity of water is 4.2 J/gC.

a) 1260 W b) 12.6 kW

c) 210 kW d) 12.6W

49) One of the major reasons for heat loss in transformer is

a) Radiation loss b) convection loss

c) eddy current loss c) none of these

50) Manufacturing of Ammonia by Haber’s process is an

a) endothermic reaction

b) exothermic reaction

c) irreversible

d) Slow

51) Acetic acid derived from the word ‘Acetum’ which means.

a) Acetic acid b) Bitter

c) Citric d) Vinegar

52) Only those substances are written in Ion Electron Method

a) which are oxidizing

b) which are reducing

c) which are not taking part in reaction

d) Which will take part in reaction

53) If both alkyl groups attached to carbonyl in ketone are same then it is called as ?

a) Mixed b) Unsymmetrical

c) Symmetrical d) None of these

54)  A piston in a cylinder is a part of

a) system b) Surroundings

c) Boundary d) None of These

55) When an electron is added, energy is released, so electron affinity is given the

a) positive sign b) negative sign

c) neutral d) delta sign

56) Geometrical isomerism arises due to ?

a) Rotation around a double bond

b) Restriction of rotation around a single bond

c) Restriction of rotation around a double bond

d) Due to double bond

57) With the increasing molecular mass of hydrocarbons, they changes from

a) gases to liquids b) liquids to solids

c) both A&B d) none of these

58) The region where probability of finding the electron is maximum is called

a) Nucleus b) Atom

c) orbital d) Nodal plane

59) The change in concentration of reactants or products per unit time is

a) rate speed b) reaction speed

c) Rate of a reaction

d) All of these

60) in IUPAC nomenclature alkyl halides are named as

a) Alkyl Halogens b) HalogenoAlkanes

c) Haloalkanes d) Alkyl halides

61) Which of the following compound is present in camphor and menthone?

a) Aldehyde b) Alcohol

c) Ketones d) Esters

62) Value of current in a short circuit is_

a) Infinite b) zero

c) minimum d) maximum

63) H-bonding is a type of ?

a) Chemical bonding

b) lon dipole force

c) Dipole-dipole force

d) Polar force

64) S-S bond is present in which of the ion pairs

a) S2072-, S2032-

b) S4062-, S2072-

c) S2072-, S2082-

d) S4062-, S2032-

65) If momentum is increased by 20% then ICE. increase by:

a) 0.44 b) 0.55 c) 0.66   d) 0.77

66) Velocity is a

a) tensor b) vector

c) scalar d) None of these

67) Development of an egg into zygote without fertilization is called?

a) Parthenocarpy b) Apomixis

c) Parthenogenesis d) all of these

68) There is one lone pair present in Hs0*, it cannot act as ?

a) Electrophile b) Lewis acid

c) Nucleophile d) Strong acid

69) When two atoms bonded to form a stable compound, the attractive forces will _ repulsive forces and the potential energy of the system will be __

a) recessive, higher

b) dominate, minimum

c) dominate, maximum

d) recessive , lower

70) Hydrogenation of alkenes takes place in the presence of___?

a) Nickel b) Palladium

c) Palladium d) Raney Nickel

71) Aldehydes are obtained by the oxidation of which of the following ?

a) Secondary alcohols b) Tertiary alcohols

c) Dihydric alcohol d) Primary alcohols

72) Fractions of Crude petroleum can be obtained by using ?

a) Destructive distillation

b) Fractional distillation

c) Vacuum distillation

d) Distillation

73) The enthalpy change of a reaction which involve the formation of atom from its elements at S.T-P is called as

a) Enthalpy of formation

b) Enthalpy of combustion

c) Enthalpy of neutralization

d) Enthalpy of sublimation

74) A cyclic hydrocarbons are also called as ___?

a) Closed chain hydrocarbons

b) Open chain hydrocarbons

c) Ring compounds

d) Alicyclic compounds

75) Standard Reduction potential is found by dipping the electrode in its own Ion with molarity equals to

a) 0.1 b) 1 c) 1.5     d) 0

76) All the three p-orbitals have same energy in the absence of magnetic field and are called orbital’s

a) generated b) delocalized

c) degenerated d) localized

77) The relative abundance of isotopes of elements is measured by

a) atomic spectroscopy

b) ionic spectroscopy

c) mass spectroscopy

d) mass spectrometry

78) First Law of thermodynamics is

a) ∆E=∆H b) ∆F=q + p

c) ∆E=q + w d) ∆E=P∆V

79) London dispersion forces are the only forces present among

a) atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature

b) molecules of water

c) molecules of solid iodine

d) molecules of HCI gas

80) Energy can be transferred to a system by

a) Heat b) Work

c) Heat & Work d) Force

81) when water freezes at C, spaces occur between its molecules which results in its __

a) decrease in volume

b) decrease in density

c) increase in density

d) increase in volume

82) Which of the substance has the highest melting point?

a) CO2 b) H2O

c) NaCI d) MfO

83)  1 Pascal is equal to

a) 1 Nm-2 b) 76 t rr

c) 11325 pa d) all of these

84) The melting points and boiling points up to the middle of 3d-series

a) Increases b) Decreases

c) Remain same d) No regular trend

85) in chemical combination of H-atom with sodium. It gains an electron but in case of HF,H-atom

a) gains 2 e-

b) lose 1e-

c) lose 2e-

d) gain 2e-

86) Which one of the following benzene molecule have?

a) Two double bonds

b) Delocalized pi-electron charge

c) Three double bonds

d) One sigma bond

87) Which one is the major product when ethene react with Br2 in H2O ?

a) Dibromoethane

b) Bromoethane

c) Hydroxy Bromoethane

d) Hydroxy Bromoethane

88) Which of the following shows isomerism?

a) Methane b) Ethane

c) Propane d) Butane

89) Energy changes in cyclic process is always

a) Unity b) zero

c) positive d) Negative

90) The ionization energy of group __ shows abnormal trend

a) 3A & 4A b) 5A&6A

c) GA&4A d) 3A&6A

91) Enzymes are ?

a) Non-specific in action

b) Very reactive

c) Highly specific

d) Volatile

92) Solubility of carboxylic acids ?

a) Decreases with increase of volume

b) Decreases with increase in molecular mass

c) Increases with increase in molecular mass

d) None of these

93) Crystalline Solids are made up of

a) Atoms b) Molecules

c) Ions d) All of these

94) Heavy water contain isotope of Hydrogen

a) Protium b) deuterium

c) tritium d) both A & C

95) Which instrument is used to measure the vapour pressure of a liquid?

a) Oxalic acid b) Phthalic

c) Maleic acid d) Malonic acid

96) Fumaric acid is converted into,___ in the presence of fumarase enzyme.

a) Oxalic acid b) Phthalic acid

c) Maleic acid d) Malonic acid

97) in Down Cells Cathode is made up of

a) Graphite b) Copper

c) Iron d) inert material

98) If Kp and Kc have same values ∆n will be

a) Maximum b) Minimum

c) Zero d) Negligible

99) Kekule structure of benzene failed to explain:

a) Benzene reactivity

b) That benzene has dual character

c) That benzene has less heat of formation

d) All

100) H-Bonding act as a bridge between ?

a) Two electronegative atoms

b) Electronegative and H atoms

c) Two H atoms

d) None of these

101) Which of the following is an example of Tertiary alcohols?

a) 2 methyi-3-ethyipentane

b) 3-ethyl-3-hexanol

c) 2-methyt-4-hexanol

d) isopropyl alcohol

102) It is not possible for us to measure exact position and exact momentum of electron simultaneously is the statement of

a) de-Broglie b) Mosley

c) Heisenberg d) Neil Bohr

103) The central atom along with ligands is called

a) Complex ion

b) Coordination sphere

c) Ligand

d) Complex compound

104) Which gases are used as mixture for breathing in sea?

a) Oxygen and nitrogen

b) Carbon dioxide and oxygen

c) Helium and oxygen

d)Helium and hydrogen

105) What type of molecule is Chlorophyll?

a) Inorganic b) Cationic

c) Anionic d) Organic

106) An electron is held within electric field. What happens when electrons is released?

a) it moves in the direction of electric field

b) it accelerates in the direction of electric field

c) it moves in the direction opposite to electric field

d) it accelerates in the direction opposite eclectic field.

107) Centrifuge is used to purify

a) U b) H c) O        d) N

108) In biennials and perennials, low temperature stimulus is not received by which of the following?

a) Shoot apex of mature stem

b) Embryo of the seed

c) Leaves of the plants d) all of these

109) The genetic change in a population caused by natural selection is called?

a) polymorphism b) specialization

c) gene linkage d) adaptation

110) If a genetic shift occurs within a population the mutant allele becomes?

a) genotype b) phenotype

c) wild type d) all of these

111) An increase in plant girth due to activity of which of the following?

a) Cork cambium b) Vascular cambiurn

c) pith d) both a and b

112) Ireversible modifications require the synthesis of which of the following?

a) enzymes b) carbohydrates

c) vitamins d) proteins

113) The path taken by the nerve impulses in a reflex is called a

a) Nerve cell b) reflex arc

c) Receptor cells d) Mixed nerve

114) Mumps and Measles are caused by which virus?

a) adenovirus b) Pox virus

c) influenza Virus d) paramyxoviruses

115) Allowed enzymes are:

a) globular proteins b) Fibrous proteins

c) Glycoproteins d) Lipoproteins

116) In parthenocarpy which levels are high in ovaries?

a) gibberellins b) cytokinins

c) auxins d) all of these

117) The attraction between water molecules and cell wall of xylem is termed as:

a) cohesion b) tension

c) adhesion d) imbibition

118) In all plants the major sites of photosynthesis are?

a) Leaf b) Stems c) Roots   d) Branches

119) What is Hepatitis D also known as?

a) Serum hepatitis b) Bacterial hepatitis

d) Delta hepatitis d) Delta hepatitis

120) Assymetrical body is a feature of phylum.

a) Annelida b) Arthropoda

c) Porifera d) Cnidaria

121) Hemogiobin synthesis takes place in all except ___

a) reticulocytes b) erythrocytes

c) basiophilic erythroblasts d) none of these

122) Which of the following fishes contained lungs?

a) lamprey b) perch c) plaice     d) dipnoi

123) The fluidity of the plasma membrane increases with which of the following?

a) increase in saturated fatty acids in the membrane

b) increase in glycolipid content in the membrane

c) increase in phospholipid content in the membrane

d) increase in unsaturated fatty acids in the membrane

124) Which structure differentiates eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells?

a) Ribosomes b) cell wall

d) cell membrane d) nucleus

125) During muscle contraction, which parts of a sarcomere change in length?

a) H zone and myosin b) H zone and actin

c) I band and A band d) H zone and I band

126) The largest lobe of the brain is:

a) Frontal b) Parietal

c) Temporal d) Occipital

127) When was the presence of small filter passing, ultramicroscopic agent in yellow fever disease was discovered?

a) 1989 b) 1901 c) 1900    d) 1889

128) Which of the following is evidence of a common ancestor?

a) Morphological similarities b) Fossil record

c) Vestigial characteristics d) all of these

129) Flagella might have arisen through the ingestion of which of the following?

a) Cyanobecteria b) Chlamydomonas

c) Paramecium d) Spirochetes

130) Study of fossils is called

a) mammalogy b) palaeontology

c) herpetology d) ornithology

131) If the enzyme change the active site the rate of reaction will undergo which of the following changes?

a) decrease b) increase

c) remains same d) none of these

132) This carries the egg to the uterus.

a) Fallopian tube b) ovary

c) cervix d) vagina

133) 80% of the food of sponges consists of which of the following?

a) Detrital organic particles

b) Zooplankton and small animal

c) Phytoplanktons d) all of these

134) What type of the phage is a T2 Phage?

a) ssDNA Phage b) ss RNA Phage

c) ssDNA phage d) ss RNA Phage

135) All of the following coctenterates show alternation of generation except?

a) hydra b) obelia c) aurettia  d) all of these

136) A pea plant with yellow seed was crossed to a plant having green seeds. What will happen in F1; if plants are true breeding?

a) Half of seeds will be yellow

b) All the seeds will be green

c) Both will be present in ratio of 1:2:1

d) All seeds will be yellow

137) Stomata cover only what portion of the leaf surface?

a) 10% b) 50% c) 1-2%    d) 0.3 to 0.4%

138) Bacteriochlorophylls does not include which of the following?

a) Chlorophyll e b) Chlorophyll b

c) chlorophyll c d) all of these

139) Animal fats are in which state at room temperature?

a) solid b) liquid c) gas     d) plasma

140) Most multicellular organisms are which of the following?

a)  haploid b) diploid

c) single nucleus d) none of these

141) HIV glycoprotein is composed of __ subunits

a) 11 b) 12 c) 13      d) 14

142) The number of water soluble vitamins is?

a) 3 b) 6 c) 9         d) 12

143) Thymus is found in human body in —

a) in the medulla oblongata

b) in the mediastinum of the upper thorax

c) both A and B are correct d) None of these

144) Due to the insolubility of large organic molecules, what function do they mainly perform?

a) Structure of cells b) enzymatic function

c) Metabolic function d) both a and b

145) Fertilization of ovum occurs during which of the following?

a ) in uterus                        b) in ovary

c)  in distal part of oviduct

d) In proximal part of oviduct

146) What is the final product of the krebs cycle?

a) malate b) succinate

c) oxaloacetate d) fumarate

147) The outer portion of spinal cord is composed of

a) White matter b) Gray matter

c) Cell bodies d) non-myelinated nerve fibres

148) The oviduct generally called:

a) fallopian tube b) uterine tube

c) Both A and B d) uterus

149) Which of the following involved in sleeping and waking?

a) thalamus b) brain stem

c) hypothalamus d) cerebellum

150) Each skeletal muscle fiber is controlled by a neuron at a single______ .

a)  Synaptic cleft b) neuron

c) neuromuscular junction d) Both B and C

151) A key property of a living being is that it contains__ for making its protein

a) amino acids b) mitochondria

c) mRNA d) d) ribosomes

152) The product of succinic acid by the action of the enzyme is which of the following?

a) furnaric acid b) malonic acid

c) citric acid d) pyruvic acid

153) Which of these functions will be affected if the medulla oblongata is damaged?

a) Thermoregulation b) Vision c) Memory

d) Tactile sensation-response when pricked with a needle

154)The animals that have features of both mammals and reptiles are?

a) duckbill platypus b) spiny anteater

c) wolves d) both a and b

155) Genes for colour blindness form ____ linkage group on human chromosome _____

a) 2,Y b) 1,Y c) 2,X     d) 1,X

156) To synthesis 10g of glucose, how much energy is essentially required?

a) 727 b) 712 c) 719    d) 1746

157) Complete breakdown of glucose molecule takes place in which of the following?

a) Alcoholic fermentation

b) Lactic acid fermentation

c) aerobic respiration d) none of these

158) The last common ancestor of humans is known to be which of the following?

a) Homo neanderthalensis b) Lemuroidea

c) Dromaeosaurus d) Pan troglodytes

159) Structures that were once functional in the past but no longer serve a purpose due to evolutionary adaptations and physiological changes are referred to as?

a) vestigial b) analogous structures

c) homologous structures d) none of these

160) in hurnans, fertilization involves the addition of chromosomes from the sperm and the egg. The resulting cell is called a?

a) zygote b) egg c) embryo    d) fetus

161) The uterine tube opens into:

a) uterus b) ovary c) cervix    d) oviduct

162) Which of the following plays vital role in defense activity of macrophages?

a) Lysozymes b) Lysosomes

c) mitochondria d) nucleus

163) Cytoplasmic streaming movement causes flow of all of the following except?

a) Glucose and salts b) mitochondria

c) Golgi d) RER

164) Which of the following movements are possible in pivot joint?

a) flexion and extension

b) adduction and abduction c) rotation

d) extension flexion and rotation

165) Each Kreb’s cycle forms how many molecules of NADH?

a) 3 b) 2 c) 4         d) 1

166) He____ books these days.

a) sells b) sell c) has sold    d) sold

167) _______ butter is melting

a) A b) An c) The d) No article

168) His son _______ (go) to school regularly.

a) go b) goes     c) gone   d) gone

169) Sara denied _______ (leave) the car window open.

a) leave b) leaving c) left    d) to have left

170) Choose the correct sentence.

a) I completed the homework for English, History, Math and Science only in the span of an hour.

b) I completed the homework for English History, Math, and Science only in the span of an hour!

c) I completed the homework for english, history, math, and science only in the span of an hour.

d) I completed the homework for English History Math and Science only in the span of an hour.

171) A bouquet of flowers required for the event.

a) are b) have c) has    d) is

172) There has been an increase in the price of oil in ________ weeks.

a) just passed b) some

c) yesterdays d) recent

173) the next month, we shall ____ (complete) the project By

a) has completed b) completed

c) completed d) have completed

174) Children usually ______ a noise.

a) made b) makes

c) are making d) make

175) permissive

b) relaxed b) lenient

c) ungrudging d) immoral

176) _____ his parents allow him or not, John intends to go to the party.

a) Whether b) While

c) Although d) Despite

177) We must go (A)/ and congratulate him for (B)/ his brilliant (C)/ performance. (D)

a) We must go

b) and congratulate him for

c) his brilliant d) performance.

178) Here___ the tomb of Allama Iqbal.

a) ties b) lying c) lied    d) lay

179) prune

a) lead b) reduce c) expend    d) prolong

180) ________ ozone layer will disappear if we don’t find way to save it.

a) The…the b) The…an

c) The…a d) A…a

181) Choose the correct spelling of the word a) adress                   b) address

c) addres d) adrress

182) She hoped to find a new job. One that would let her earn money during the school year.

a) job. One that b) job. The kind that

c) job, one that d) job, so that it

183) Fact 1 Some pens don’t write Fact 2 Only blue pens write Fact 3 some writing utensils are pens If the above three statements are facts than which of the following statement will also be a fact I. Some writing utensils don’t write II. Some writing utensils are blue III. Some blue writing utensils don’t write

a) Only III b) Only I and II

c) Only I d) Only III and II

184) Durandal is to race as sleep is to

a) Winter  b) Bear
c) Dream                             d) Hibernation

185) Statement: The government has decided to make all the information related to primary education available to the general public. In the past, the general public did not have access to all these information related to primary education.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect

c) Both the statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes

186) Look at this series: 80, 10, 70, 15, 60, … What number should come next?

a) 20 b) 25 c) 30      d) 50

187) I. The new program has been introduced with ordeal. II. The government has announced a plan on the creation of the TV programs.

a) Statement I is the cause and statement II is its effect.

b) Statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.

c) Both statements I and II are independent causes

d) Both statements I and II are the effects of independent cause.

188) Children are in pursuit of a dog whose leash has broken. James is directly behind the dog. Ruby is behind James. Rachel is behind Ruby. Max is ahead of the dog walking down the street in the opposite direction. As the children and dog pass, Max turns around and joins the pursuit. He runs in behind Ruby. James runs faster and is alongside the dog on the left. Ruby runs faster and is alongside the dog on the right. Which child is directly behind the dog?

a) James b) Ruby

c) Rachel d) Max

189) Statements Large number of Primary Schools in the rural areas is run by only one teacher. There has been a huge dropout from the primary schools in rural areas.

a) statement 1 is the cause then 2 is its effect

b) statement 2 is the cause then 1 is its effect.

c) both statements are independent causes

d) both of the statements are effect of independent causes

190) Language with the most alphabets is ___

a) French b) Chinese

c) Portuguese d) Urdu

191) Carbonates of sodium are stable but carbonates of lithium are less stable because of

a) Low electronegativity

b) Low electro positivity

c) Low charge density d) Not known yet

192) Cellular organelles that interact with hydrogen peroxide are called?

a) Glyoxysomes b) Lysosomes

c) Ribosomes d) Peroxisomes

193) Work done by non conservative force is a) Reversible                          b) Non-Reversible

c) can be both d) none of them

194) Organic compounds obtained from

a) living things b) Non living

c) fossils d) sea’s water

195) The Davisson Germer experiment is used to explain

a) interference b) polarization

c) diffraction d) none of these

197) What is the relationship between boiling point and External pressure?

a) Boiling point increases if external pressure is increased

b) boiling point increases if external pressure decreases

c) Boiling point is not affected by external pressure

d) Boiling point decreases if eternal pressure increased

197) Wavelength of a sound wave in air is 10 cm, what is the frequency of the sound wave?

a) 33Hz b) 330Hz

c) 3300 Hz d) 33000 Hz

198) Which of the following alkyl halide give SN: reactions?

a) 1-chloropropane b) 2-chloropropane

c) n-butyl chloride

d) 2-methyl,2-chloropropane

199) The value of permittivity of free space is:

a) 8.85 x 10^.12 C^2 / (N.m^2)

b) 8.85 x 10^-12 (N.m^2)/C^2

c) 9.9 x 10^-12 CA2 / (N.m^2)

d) 9.9 x 10^12 C^2 / (N.m^2)

200)Acetaldehyde in the presence of Con.H2SO2 undergoes___?

a) Dehydration b) Polymerization

c) Condensation d) oxidation reaction

201) What is the structure in prokaryotic cells that often holds antibiotic resistance genes? a) Nucleus                  b) plasmid

c) mitochondria d) both a and b

202) _____ is a competitive inhibitor of succinic dehydrogenase.

a) Malonic acid b) Malic acid

c) Fumaric acid d) Acetic acid

204) Statement The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased. I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality. II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

a) both of them follows

b) None of them follows

c) Only I follows d) Only II follows

205) The brain is protected and brain tissue is provided with nutrients and oxygen by?

a) cranium b) meninges

c) skull d) ventricles

206) Statement Should coal engines be replaced by electric engines in trains? Arguments (I) Yes. Coal engines cause a lot of pollution. (II) Yes. Electric engines are good on performance, easy to operate, and low on maintenance. (III) No. Pakistan does not produce enough electricity to fulfill its domestic needs also.

a) All are strong

b) Only I and II are strong

c) Only II and III are strong

d) Only I and III are strong

207) The optimum pH for the functioning of the enzyme pepsin is?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4         d) 5

208) Choose the correct spelling of the word a) arround    b) arond    c) arund    d) around

209) Most big cities have ____ university.

a) a b) an c) the    d) no article

210) Choose the correct sentence.

a) Drinks on the menu included the following, hot chocolate, iced tea and lemonade.

b) Drinks on the menu included the following hot chocolate, iced tea, and lemonade.

c) Drinks on the menu included the following: hot chocolate, iced tea and lemonade.

d) Drinks on the menu included the following. Hot chocolate, iced tea and lemonade

       1.            C       2.            A       3.            A       4.            A
       5.            A       6.            D       7.            A       8.            D
       9.            A   10.            A   11.            C   12.            B
   13.            B   14.            A   15.            A   16.            D
   17.            B   18.            C   19.            B   20.            B
   21.            A   22.            C   23.            A   24.            B
   25.            C   26.            A   27.            A   28.            C
   29.            D   30.            C   31.            A   32.            D
   33.            B   34.            C   35.            A   36.            B
   37.            D   38.            B   39.            B   40.            A
   41.            C   42.            D   43.            A   44.            A
   45.            A   46.            B   47.            C   48.            A
   49.            C   50.            B   51.            D   52.            D
   53.            D   54.            B   55.            B   56.            C
   57.            C   58.            C   59.            C   60.            C
   61.            D   62.            A   63.            C   64.            D
   65.            A   66.            B   67.            C   68.            C
   69.            B   70.            D   71.            D   72.            B
   73.            A   74.            B   75.            B   76.            C
   77.            D   78.            C   79.            A   80.            C
   81.            B   82.            D   83.            D   84.            A
   85.            B   86.            B   87.            C   88.            D
   89.            B   90.            D   91.            C   92.            B
   93.            C   94.            B   95.            B   96.            C
   97.            C   98.            C   99.            D100.            A
101.            B102.            C103.            B104.            C
105.            D106.            C107.            A108.            C
109.            D110.            C111.            D112.            D
113.            B114.            D115.            A116.            C
117.            B118.            A119.            D120.            C
121.            B122.            D123.            D124.            D
125.            D126.            A127.            B128.            D
129.            D130.            B131.            A132.            A
133.            A134.            C135.            A136.            D
137.            C138.            D139.            A140.            B
141.            B142.            D143.            B144.            D
145.            D146.            C147.            A148.            C
149.            B150.            C151.            D152.            A
153.            D154.            D155.            D156.            D
157.            C158.            D159.            A160.            A
161.            A162.            B163.            D164.            C
165.            A166.            A167.            C168.            B
169.            B170.            A171.            D172.            D
173.            D174.            D175.            B176.            A
177.            B178.            A179.            B180.            C
181.            B182.            C183.            B184.            D
185.            B186.            A187.            D188.            D
189.            A190.            B191.            B192.            D
193.            B194.            A195.            C196.            A
197.            C198.            D199.            A200.            B
201.            B202.            A203.204.            B
205.            B206.            B207.            A208.            D
209.            A210.            C 
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