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Chemistry is the study of matter and the synthesis of various forms of matter. You are studying chemistry because it allows you to comprehend your world. Anything you touch, taste or smell is a chemical that defines our universe through the interactions of those chemical substances. The fundamental foundation of biology and medicine is chemistry. chemistry helps you to design, synthesize and manufacture medicines from the structure of proteins and nucleic acids.

How u should prepare chemistry for MDCAT?
Physical Chemistry:
Mdcat ka difficult portion isi sy hota ha. Ab ap ny isko prepare kesy karna ha??

  1. Physical chemistry man ratta boht lagana parta ha. Itni book statements han jo seedhi seedhi test man aa sakti han. Conceptual bhi kafi bn jata ha physical chemistry sy like
    Concept of mole, avogadro number, polar non polar, equilibrium, electrochemical series
  2. Chapter ist:
    Examples dekhen book sy. Exercise man numericals han unki practice karen. Yield sy related aik example ha and exercise man numerical wo dekhen. Mdcat man is chapter sy ziada difficult ni aty mcqs. Bus simple sy bat ko different angle sy poucha hota.Example taken from exercise
    One mole of H20 has how many moles of fundamental particles?
    a. 28 moles ®
    b. 18 moles
    c. 26 moles
    d. 20 moles
  3. Emperical and molecular formula relation. inky relation sy aksar aty han mcqs. Inki conversion ati ho. Emperical to molecular and molecular to emperical formula. Example Ascorbic acid wali dekhna book sy
  4. Determination of % of element in compound.
    Exercise man boht c examples han practice k liye
  5. Isotopes : isky liye jo book man table ha wo apko ata ho. Ziada best ye ha k isotope ki % values bhi yad hon apko. Exact na bhi hon lekin itna pta ho k kis isotope ki % abundance ziada ha. Graphs ki form man poucha ja sakta ha kisi bhi element k isotopes ki peak draw kar k. Exercise man bhibi think Br and Ag ka question ha usky no. Of isotopes and % abundance dekh lena. Achy sy ratta lagao isko.

In above topics ko achy sy karen prepare. Difficult lagta ha bachon ko ye topic.

  1. Polarity:
    Polarity kis base pe check karty ye ata ho. Mcqs attempt ho jayengy. Ye easy ha.
    Ionic character and covalent character ka relation polarity sy. Factors on which ionic character depends. For example
    Which one has highest ionic character?
    a. LiF ® Due to high E.N difference
    b. HF
    c. HCl
    d. HBr
  2. Bonds:
    First year ki book sy ye topic achy sy karo. Jahan jahan type of bonding ka zikar mily uski dekhen. 2 3 jaghan per ha bonding ka zikar. Kin kin groups k elements k b/w konsi bonding hogi ye dekhen. Examples dekhen.
    Coordinate covalent bond draw karny ka method ata ho k donar konsa ha acceptor konsa ha. Complex kesy draw kiya hoa. Book man examples han unka pta ho in man kitny kitny coordinate covalent bonds han like HNO3. is man 2 coordinate covalent bonds han. Iska structure draw karna seekhen teacher sy. HNO2 man aik hoga. Baki bhi aisy dekhen jo examples han book man.
  3. Boiling point: ye topic achy sy karen. Boiling point kis factors pe depend karta ha. Periodic trend thora boht. First year text book man table bna hoa ha vapour pressure waly chapter man. Usko yad kar len. Values yad karny ki zarorat ni. Bus itna hi k kiski ziada ha value kiski kum.
    Physical properties man boiling and melting point wala graph bna hoa usko achy sy. For example aik imp mcq
    Trend of B.P b/w H20, C2H5OH, NH3, HF?
    a. H2O>NH3>C2H5OH>HF
    b. H2O > C2H5OH > NH3>HF
    c. H2O > C2H5OH > HF > NH3 ®
    d. H2O > HF > NH3 > C2H5OH

Incorrect relation w.r.t value of boilong point?
a. Water > phenol ®
b. Acetic acid > ethanol
c. Napthlene > benzene
d. Acetone < Ethanol

  1. Evaporation and vapour pressure
    Factors jin pe ye depend karty han. Endo han ya exo. Imp thing v.p does not depend upon amount of liqued. Example which is taken form your textbook’ exercise
    Incorrect relation w.r.t vapour pressure?
    a. 50cm3 ether > 50cm3 ethanol
    b. 1dm3 ethanol > 50cm3 water
    c. 50cm3 water > 150cm3 ether ®
    d. 2cm3 ether > 20cm2 ethanol
  2. Orbit, orbital, shell, electronic configuration
    Kisi helping book sy quantum no. Wala table dekhen wahan sy comparison kar k parhen. Ist 25 elements of periodic table k atomic no. Kam az kam apko aty hon for electronic configuration. Magnetic quantum no. man k i think mid man values di hoi han orbitals k liye wo yad karen. Kisi element k valance shell k e- k liye apsy quantum no. ki value pouchi jati ha
  3. Endothermic and exothermic reactions
    Inki examples ati hon. Konsy stable hoty r konsy unstable products dety. Enthalpy find karni ati ho. Kis reaction k liye positive kisky liye negative.
  4. pH and pOH
    Simple simple numericals solve karen. Exercise man examples han wo dekhen % dissociation wali. equation jo given ha wo dekh len. Acetic acid wali example given ha wo dekhen. Is chapter ki examples dekhen sari.

PbF2 wali example ka answer zubani yad kar len. Teachers sy notes bnwaye hongy wahan sy kar len isko

  1. Free energy ka concept ho.
    Calorimeter sy related jo example han wo dekhen achy sy.
  2. Molarity and Molality
    Exercise man glucose wala mcq hoga wo dekhen. Isky ilawa examples. Chapter man HCL % wala numerical hoga. Wo bhi dekhen. Usky liye shortcut method use karen. Book man lengthy ha solution. Simple hi aty han wesy mcqs insy related. Dilution concentration ka concept related to molarity and molality
    HCl available in labortory is 36% w/w. The density of HCl sol. is 1.19g/cm3. Molarity of HCl sol.?
    a. 11.73 moles/dm3 ®
    b. 18.45 moles/dm3
    c. 13.3 moles/dm3
    d. 21.1 moles/dm3
  3. Equilibrium
    Pahly book reading achy sy. Examples. Usky badd teacher k notes use karen isky liye
  4. Electrolysis and electrochemical series
    Series ko zubani achy sy yad karen. Oxidation and reduction ka concept. Oxidizing and reducing power ka relation. Example
    Mg can be oxidized by?
    a. Al ®
    b. Ca
    c. Na
    d. K
    Electrochemical series ka concept hona chahiye apko phr ap bta sakengy k solution man 2 electrodes han un man sy cathode konsa hoga and anode konsa. I mean u will be able to tell that electrons will flow from which terminal.?
    Electrolysis of different solutions… Iska table bna hoa ha wo dekh len. Iska concept len teacher sy k kesy pta chaly ga k anode and cathode man konsa element appear hoga. Example.
    Which represents same net equation as electrolysis of aqueous H2SO4?
    a. Electrolysis of aqueous KNO3 ®
    b. Electrolysis of aqueous PbBr
    c. Electrolysis of aqueous CuSO4
    d. Electrolysis of aqueous NaCl
  5. . Last chapter
    Just book reading achy sy. Book statement ati han is sy seedhi seedhi. Aik imp bat. Activation energy does not depend upon temp. Example
    In Habers process, which one acts as catalyst for the catalyst?
    a. Al2O3 ®
    b. Te
    c. Fe
    d. Ni
  6. Mcqs ki practice hamesha textbook sy start karen. Physical chem ko achy sy ratta lgayen. Book ki examples, exercise k numericals ki practice karen pahly.

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