he composition of essays has important skills and educational purposes.

This allows you to learn and gain transferable skills which are important to you not only as a student but also as a student and as a professional.

Such transferable skills include lecture and writing, interpretation and critical thinking, organizing of thoughts, case-specific argument and effective contact with a reader.
This allows you to develop a systematic, rigorous approach to writing, which simply and authoritatively communicates.

It lets you explore and consolidate what you learn.

The professor read your essay to determine the degree to which you have learned learning and translated information into knowledge. ESSAY MODEL Before the process of writing an essay, it is useful to take a theoretical look at the essay form as a model. It will allow us to improve and coordinate our thoughts about key concepts and issues in the course you study.

A’ plan’ is a condensed device depiction.
The key features of the device are described.
It’s an abstraction in principle.
This is not unique, but can be tailored for a variety of applications.
The experimental model is a theoretical framework that can be used for all forms of essays as a conceptual basis. The model has three structural components: an introductory point which presents the thesis or “big idea,” central paragraphs which support this theory and convince the reader of its validity, and a final paragraph, which reaffirms the thesis and unites the arguments presented in the essay.
There are numerous essays in Inter, but only those that are most relevant for inter examination are given to you in this article. The question of written essays has fifteen marks in English question paper, and 20 marks in Urdu question paper. Most of the students do not secure maximum marks in essays. It’s because you can’t write an article in the right way. There should be a good essay on the frontier. Begin with a short introduction, highlight all headings with a symbol, use simple language and use the correct grammar for an accurate sentence. Tense usage, i.e. current, past or future, is the most important thing.



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