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I want to guide u about CHEMISTRY. It’s not a difficult subject if u have a good basic knowledge…
The major portion is from organic chemistry, so u should have a grip on it
How can u be pro at it?
you have to focus on some basic points like ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is full of reaction so u have to

1:clear your concept about a reaction, then do practice about its conversion
And ur teachers must have told u about some basic tricks try to remember them by practicing..
2:You must cram the reaction condition ..
3:practice, practice,and practice
4:do shortlisting of organic atleast, cz it will be very benificial at the end (I will share some notes too about all the finals stuff which I had at the end of session)
5:conversion mcqs are important, u should have a grip on it
6:I personally don’t recommend 1000 MCQS for chemistry, cz it will mess up ur mind
then come

(1st year syllabus)
For this just u must go through the ques from exercise especially for thermodynamics n kinematics
There a lot of relation in this portion, try to jot them down in a single piece of ppr so at the end u are at ease

you just have to cram this and built the concept of some topics for example colour of trabsition element etc

I hope it will help you, if u have any query regarding chemistry, u may ask in comment on inbox what ever is convienet for u…

Credit: Fareeha Naseer

Chemistry is the important subject as well as mdcat is concerned, it’s not a difficult subject but some of you have a problem in it
As it covers a major portion in the test , 60 mcqs are from chemistry so you should have a good grip on it
For this I want to share some notes that are the final material which I had revised before the test

It will give you the idea how u have to prepare this and make easy notes for it so you have a less burden at the end.
These notes comprises of some shorlisting, done by one of my friend (great regard) especially for orgainc
Secondly I have also shared some notes regarding all the relations from physical chemistry
Thirdly also have formula sheet for chemistry
And at last I have shared important tables from whole chemistry so you don’t have a need to cram every table, mostly mcqs based on values come from these tables

Pay regard to my teacher and friend who make me able to share this to u guys

Remember me in your precious prayer



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