Complete Analysis on MDCAT 2019 SYLLABUS

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Total Additions of Biology part
1:Cell biology: Light and electron microscopy plus Terms. Chloroplast organelles
2: importance of water added
4: Three chapter added as whole( Protoctista+ plantae+ Animalia)
5. Transport in plant part added from Chapter#14
6: Plant hormones  added from part #II Ch#17
7: continuously varying traits added from ch#22

Total deletion from Previous Syllabi
1: Ecology part deleted
2: Role of most endocrine glands deleted
3: Lamarkism deleted
4.Bacteria deleted
5.Male/Female systm deleted
6.Digestive system deleted
7.Few content from Support and movement deleted
8.muscular system excluded
And few other minor topics

*Halides (especially chlorides)
*Geometry and isomerism of complex ions with coordination no 4&6
*H2so4 as dehydrating & oxidizing agent
*Unit 6A
Balance chemical eq by redox

*Unit 7A
PH of weak acids

Electron affinity
Electrical conductance
Oxidation state
Hydration energy
Trend of halide
Trend of oxides

Group IIB all reactions
Solubility trends of compounds of IIB
Properties of halogen compounds
Uses of halogens and its compounds
Noble gases are no more included

*Unit 4B
H2SO4 as dehydrating and oxidizing agent

*Unit 1C
Nomenclature complete all compounds

*UNit 2C
Alkenes complete

*Unit 3C
Alkyl halides all reactions

*Unit 4C
Prep of ethanol
All reactions of alcohols
All reactions of phenol

*Unit 5C
Prep of aldehydes and ketones all methods
Reactions of aldehydes and ketones complete

*Unit 6C
Physical properties of carboxylic acids
Carboxylic acids reactions complete
remaining units are same

*Elastic and Non elastic collisions
*Electromagnetic spectrum
*Energy band theory


1: Grammar topics have been duly enlisted and enhanced.
2: Vocab items have been changed and dropped in number.
Regards: Khalid Ismail

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