Bkmc Mardan Admissions

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Bkmc Mardan Admissions  in Bs program

Fsc pre medical or equivalent : 45% mark

Age limit : 25 year

Mardan MTI comprises on Mardan Medical Complex (MMC)- A teaching hospital with 520 beds was established in 1996-97, Bacha Khan Medical College (BKMC) approved in October 2008 and MBBS classes were started in January 2010, Benazir Bhutto Children’s Hospital (BBCH) was established in 2018, and College of Nursing Mardan (CNM) established in 2018. Board of Governors with nominated Members from the private sector was also established in April 2016. The Board comprised senior and renowned health professionals, and representation by other senior professionals from banking, audit and accounting, media and the civil service.


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