Biology MDCAT Mock Test 2019 as per UHS pattern

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We hope our students had a happy Eid. It’s finally the month you’ve all waited for. Gear up for your final preparations. Efforts done today will pay you very soon, IA. Biology is a subject with maximum changes in UHS Syllabus this year. Many chapters of Human Physiology has been excluded to include Animalia and Plantae. Biology can now play a major role in deciding MDCAT merit. Expert MDCAT is uploading a MOCK TEST of BIOLOGY As Per UHS PATTERN. This test is designed keeping in view the latest UHS Syllabus. Solving this will definitely help to assess your preparations and let you know your weak points well in time. You need to conceptually focus on book reading to prepare for it. Do not compromise on the newly added chapters. Try to give maximum readings and make your own short notes. Assess whether your mistakes are in cramming portion or conceptual MCQs and focus on clearing them. We all wish you the best of luck.

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