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Torque|Lectures Notes|MDCAT Noted Lectures|Merab Tajamul-MDCAT Topper

MDCAT Notes Pdf |Student of Expert MDCAT -Merab Tajamul 4th Position in Pakistan

MDCAT Noted Lectures by Topper of Expert MDCAT

Merab Tajamul (4th Position in Pakistan)

Physics Unit wise Noted Lectures
Physics has been very important part of Medical and Dental College Admission Test.It is thought that Physics is very complicated Subject Because it contains Concepts,Deep-Learning,equations,derivations and formulas.
*Deep learning
To understand physics you have to master your basic skills of learning. How to build concepts and all basics are required.

Expert MDCAT is going to reveal the secret of success of NMDCAT 2020 Topper, which is hard work. All the noted lectures will be shared in pdf form on daily basis. This will help you a lot in your MDCAT Preparations.

We know you face lots of problems in MDCAT Physics, This data will prove more than a blessing for all the students of MDCAT.A better knowledge  will be delivered through these noted lectures


Here is the basic concept to understand the most important topic in Physics. First of all we will try to understand this term by definition and easy examples. Hope so you will better understand it




Units and Dimension

In this post you will be able to understand all about Torque.

“Torque” Noted Lectures

Torque is an important chapter in NMDCAT.This unit is full of concepts. Students should practice more and more to get a command over the unit .Here Noted lectures are available in pdf form. You can download it and read it online. Do share and Also save it




You can also download previously uploaded notes by Expert MDCAT.Following are the Precious notes by NMDCAT Topper 2020 Merab Tajamul ,A proud student of Expert MDCAT who secured 194/200 marks in 2020.

Current Electricity




We hope these noted lectures will help you and assist your in MDCAT Preprations.Do share with all your friends and fellows. All the best

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