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In the Name of Allah,
the Benificent, the Merciful

Title: My success story

Strictly speaking , I am here to serve you not only with my experience, but also with the expertises that will help you to hit the bull’s eye
So the written content is not only specific to one person, but also applied to every student. As my main focus is to reveal those main points that will definitely help you alot. Inshallah.
In the context of being succeeded in MDCAT , one need the two strengths. Yes , only the two strengths.
The physical
The spiritual
Physical strength means that will be acquired by you , when you yourself consiously adopt them to cover the path of success. At my part, two steps need to cover to infuse in us that physical strength.
First is :
Struggling: This step begins when there is Prima facie.
The first thing realized by you that “I need to built myself up as a known personality . I need to recognize myself, my importance”
Yes and that importance I will see when I am being appreciated by the people, by my parents .
The stage of struggle begins when:
“You fall seven times and stand up eight times.”
With the continuous failure accompanied by the recovery, you are now strong enough to continue yourself in the success path.
Second is:
When you start burning the midnight oil and feel that you can do everything whe you put forth a concerted effort.You reach the last stage when you keep nose to grindstone.
Thats it, physical strength you need to cover the success path is achieved.
Side by side what makes you persistent much enough is Spiritual strength:
Allah is your utmost helper.
When you pray before Allah ”
O Allah! I am striving my best to accomplish my aim . Indeed you are hearing and you are beware of my heart that you will never let me down and will preserve my nountedious job.”
I used to consider and believe that Allah is sitting and hearing right in front of you and He will emblossom and camouflage you by His unlimited sheath of love
Parents are your strongest physical strength after Allah.
Giving you this importance with the secanario:
When you are just stone ‘s throw from your exam day , your parents make Dua before Allah for your unlimited success.You can take your parents like a mirror. You can intrepid that they are source of spuring and your stimulant.Their prayers will never be eschewed.
There comes the last and amiable personality of the Teacher.
Comprehending importance in the context of biology:
Your concept towards the studies is just like building a “polypeptide”.
All the topics if book are like “amino acids” .
You need to assemble them and here are your role like a” ribosome.”
So every thing us disorganized .
All the amino acids”topics” will be properly organized in shape of polypeptide”infused in you as an comprehend topic”with the role of the teacher as a tRNA.
Comprehending in the context of chemistry:
You are benzene ring
You need to attempt the questions being asked in the paper like” to react to give an outcome as a product in form of “good marks”
So the reactants: Benzene” you” , subsrate ” questions” are side by side. The reaction takes place when the ortho and para directing groups come and play their crucial role in activating benzene”you.”
Thats all . The Denouement.
Believe in yourself and your hardwork. Once you have decided to get your dream achieved, the whole universe will help you to achieve it.

By: Meerab Tajammal


4th Position In Pakistan


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