STEP MDCAT Sunday Session 2020 Test No 03

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Assalam o Alaikum!!!!
Allhamdulliah team ‘Expert Mdcat’ is always here to help students through material regarding MDCAT

As Mdcat is name of practice,practice and practice 🌝
As much as you practice a topic you have best grip on it.Students usually prepares the topic very well and acquire all the knowledge BUT they don’t know how to apply their knowledge.For this solve as many questions as possible Because ‘PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT’. Practicing under test conditions is important because it provides you the element of time pressure.
Academies provide a number of practice materials but also charge huge amount of money😑.. BUT BUT BUT “EXPERT MDCAT” is here to provide you all of practice material free of cost.😊

As STEP has launched its “Sunday Session” and we are also here with STEP test series🤗.All the tests will be uploaded by time.Test Link is given in the end

Now first prepare the topics well and then practice the test🤘🏻
Test is available on just one click 👇🏻👇🏻

First you have to study text book then lecture notes whatever you have and then practice the test you have been provided ☺

Here’s syllabus:
BIOLOGY:Muscles and movement
PHYSICS:current and electricity
ENGLISH:Sentence Completion

Test No 03 is available in following link in Pdf Form.Click below to download it

Click here to download Pdf

It comprises of number of practice M.C.Qs which will be helpful for preparation.So practice again and again.BELIEVE me ‘sky isn’t the limit’…..You just have to work HARD and work SMART✊🏻.
Do avail this opportunity 🤗

Test Credit:Arfa Zainab ( Team Member)
Remember us in your prayers 😌
Via:Team Expert Mdcat


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