How To Prepare MDCAT

Here are the tips for the preparation of MDCAT. Students should not be confused.

As for as syllabus is concerned, Test will be from the common topics of FSc. & A-Levels .so there is no significant change, dont pay attention to rumors, just consult with subjects specialists.


Dear students, the MCQs of physics in the paper are both easy and difficult. There are a total of 40 MCQs. Out of them, about 25-30 mcqs are quite easy and can be said as book lines. However, remaining mcqs are not as such from the book. These mcqs are always world known and conceptual, not too difficult but quite interesting. In order not to lose 40 marks, which literally DECIDE YOUR MERIT, you have to be keen about those 8 mcqs as well.These mcqs involve diagrams and calculations etc, but are not so difficult. But you must have once gone through them before the entrance test. That’s it!!

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