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I want to share my experience about problems which students face in solving physics’ mcqs….

1. Sub sy pahli bat physics ko parhna kesy ha ap ny???

Bachon ko yahi ni pta physics parhni kesy bus practice practice practice k name per apna kabara nikal lety.. Ooo bhai practice badd man pahly parhna tu seeekh lo.. Textbook read karni ati bhi ha?? Pahly ye seekho k topic ko kis tarhan kis kis angle sy dekhna ha. Phr badd man mcqs ki practice karen. Bachy mcqs ki practice karty han and during practice boht c cheezen unhen new lag rahin hoti jab k wo textbook man hoti han lekin nazar sy nahin guzarti. Waja parhny ka method ni ata…

Subsy pahly textbook ki reading karen aram sy. Phr jo graphs given book man wo dekhen kis kis quantities k b/w han r aik quantity ka dosri per kia effect ha. Graph kis type ka mil raha ha apko. Different topics k badd book man example hoti han given unko solve karen becoz mdcat man ajati han examples. Chapter man jo formulas given hon unko relate karen. Unki conversion kar k dekhen different forms man. Suppose :

v = x°w = x°2pi/T

a = x°w² = x°w.w =x°w. 2pi/T = v.2pi/T…>T=2piv/a



d = vt = x°wt = x°2pi/T t

d = vf + vi/2 × t

d = vt = at(t) = at²


F = mv²/r ….. > F/2 = mv²/2r…. F/2 = K.E/r


I mean ap kisi bhi formula ko tor mor kar different forms man le jany k capable hon.


2. Then exercise k short questions karen mcqs k liye. Diagrams waly bhi karen short questions. Exercise k numericals ki practice karen. Jin numericals ki statement short ho wo ziada achy sy karen. Jinki calculation difficult lagy ya apko lagy k time consuming ha solution unka answer yad karen len.

For example :

What will be the length of simple pendulum whose time period is 1sec?


Exercise ka numerical ha ye. Aisy numericals fingertips per aty hon apko without solution.


3. in subky badd practice karen helping book sy. During test, plz statement ko achy sy parhen. Poucha kuch jata ha jaldi jaldi man bta kuch dety han.

For example:

If counter clockwise torque is +ve then what will be the anticlockwise torque??

Jaldi jaldi man bachon ny – ve torque option choose kar lena. Oo bhai pahly dekho statement ko. Simple simple mcqs hoty lekin concentration na hony ki waja sy ghalat ho jaty r pta bhi ni chalta ghalt kar dety students.


4. Constant values ko boht achy sy yad karen.

Formula and const. Values fingertips per ati hon.


5. Kuch topics han unko achy sy prepare karen like magnetic field and electric field relation.

Right hand rule, Circuit diagrams.


6. Boht ziada complex mcqs ki practice per time waste mut karen. Leave them. Easy sy start len. Jo out of syllabus lagy apko unko chor den.



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