How To Prepare MDCAT

Here are the tips for the preparation of MDCAT. Students should not be confused.

As for as syllabus is concerned, Test will be from the common topics of FSc. & A-Levels .so there is no significant change, dont pay attention to rumors, just consult with subjects specialists.


There are 80 mcqs in biology paper. Dear students, ALL THESE MCQs are SIMPLE BOOK LINES except a few (3 or 4). So, you have to prepare it necessarily from book. I don’t say that simply CRAM the book lines. You should learn all the topics of Biology like a story, yes a scientific story. Don’t cram same to same book words but try to learn everything that is written in the book. And you need not learn any key books or notes in order to GET CONCEPTS. I can say, with extreme honesty that all the concepts are easily available in our textbook. So, you must take your textbook as reference. Learn everything from it, because not even a single word in mdcat is from outside the range of your book. So, plz be serious about it. That’s it….!

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