Role of practice material and books in NMDCAT 2022 preparation

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Role of practice material and books in Nmdcat 2022 preparation

Pmc is going to be the conducting body for Nmdcat 2022. Pmc requires some out of box conceptual thinking. To fulfill the requirement, we have to prepare accordingly. If we keep going  without understanding the strategy of pmc, it can cause a regret later.

All you need to know about Pmc strategies

  • Through past two year analysis it’s clear that provincial textbooks are not enough for Nmdcat. As it a national level test, so you have to consult other provinces books as well. If we analyze past two years Nmdcat, it becomes clear that smart study along with conceptual study and cramming are the ways to get into a medical college. Last year a more general kind of paper was asked, so we have to prepare according to requirement.
  • Remember on thing, efforts without getting any knowledge about the strategy of conducting body can destroy all your hard work and efforts. As per my analysis, pmc wants to check the intellectual reasoning power of students by asking a general type of question paper. Also it demands a more confident and stress free candidate who can handle the tough environment of MBBS for the next five years.

Brief analysis of Nmdcat 2020

  • In 2020 Nmdcat, mostly theoretical questions were asked which are based mostly on basic concept. As students were preparing just according to past 10 years strategy which was followed every year, so even having a basic theoretical paper they failed to achieve their goal. Here you can easily analyze the importance of analysis of paper maker strategy or conducting body’s strategy.

Brief analysis of Nmdcat 2021

  • In 2021 Nmdcat, 90% general and conceptual kind of question paper along with 20% irrelevant, faulty and out of syllabus question bank had to be tackled. While according to some students 30% questions were out of syllabus(well it very from person to person). But if analysis are take going in deep you will come to know that, out of syllabus question were actually from Fsc textbooks but from the topics which were not mentioned in pmc syllabus. There were blunders in the examination system as it was 1st time online test experience in Pakistan. Some students got easiest question bank while other got difficult. But there is no need to worry about these blunders. As Teps is gone and pmc will conduct test by itself with their own IT system , there are chances Nmdcat 2022 aspirants will face no blunders instead a conceptual and well planned system is waiting for the aspirants.. I am not saying all this in air, it’s based on my personal analysis as well as Nmdcat 2020 and 2021 students analysis.

Analysis of Announcement made by pmc in 2022

  • Currently, pmc has announced that each province members in pmc board will review Nmdcat 2022 syllabus and there are high chances of elimination of out of syllabus topics ( according to every province).
  • Also pmc has announced that every province will submit it’s own question bank, so Nmdcat 2022 is going to be a mixture of every province’s proposed question bank.
  • So, Smart work along with hard work is needed to clear Nmdcat 2022 in which practice material and textbooks plays a key role.
  • So here I’m going to discuss subject by subject guideline about practice material and textbooks

Biology practice material and books to be followed

Biology is a subject which needs conceptual study along with cramming. Mostly in case of biology we have same knowledge , same concepts but don’t know how to apply ,means practice is needed. . It requires practice but not like physics which is most practice demanding subject.  Practicing one or two tests of any academy is enough for it.

  • For biology follow ptb as well as ftb. If you are a Punjab student, first cover your own textbook then go toward ftb. But if you want to get some extra information and you are done with both ptb and ftb you can consult kpk biology as well as it contain a lot of information.
  • For practice material you can consult kips, step, stars practice books. you can use websites to get practice test. Expert mdcat is a platform which provides you very conceptual kind of practice tests. You can  join expert mdcat test session to boost your practice level. You can also visit to get pmc paid practice tests.

Physics practice material and books to be followed

Physics is the most practice demanding subject. You require a lot of time to develop it’s concepts and for it’s practice. From last two years experience it’s clear that pmc is asking theoretical questions mostly for which strong concepts are needed. Fever number of numerical based questions were asked in Nmdcat 2021 so, no need to spend so much time in practicing numerical based mcqs rather try to solve maximum number of theory based mcqs. Also don’t waste your time on graph based mcqs rather just get a concept of them for getting prepared for a mcqs which is theoretical but containing information from graph based data.

  • Focus on your own text book. For Example, if u are a student of Punjab get a strong grip over your text book. If you are a slow learner you can consult ftb as it contains a detailed explanation of every topic from which you can get all your concepts clear. But if you are a fast learner, you should focus only on ptb.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. When you do a lot of physics practice , you feel motivated. Physics requires 40% concept building while 60% practice. You can practice it from kips, step, stars practice books. You can also use Al Rehman series and red spot books which contain a lot of conceptual questions. But there is no need to go for A level books as they contain totally different scenario. You can also practice physics from different websites like Topper, Quora, pakmcqs to get a wider concept( last year, most of the questions from the topics like Cp and Cv , rectification, Heat and thermodynamics were just copy pasted from these websites.

Chemistry practice material and books to be followed

Chemistry is a subject which also require a lot of cramming along with a lot of practice.

  • Only ptb is enough for it as all province books contain same kind of information. In fact ptb organic chemistry is most explained so no need to go for other provinces books.
  • For practice you can consult practice material of any academy like step, kips and stars. You can also consult different websites.

English guidelines

From past 2-3 years  basic kind of questions are being asked from this subject so no need to worry about it at all.

  • Just do basic tenses, spellings and if you have on grip on basic things there is no need to worry about. You just don’t need to waste our time in practicing and memorizing difficult things for example difficult vocabulary, as English portion is quite easy now.

Logical reasoning

It’s a new subject added last year. Your intellectual thinking skills are tested in this portion. Actually it’s the test of your reasoning power that how you tackle different things and what is the perspective of your thinking. Giving half an hour to this portion daily is enough.

  • You can consult links provided by pmc in their syllabus. When you open pmc syllabus and click on any topic mentioned in syllabus, it will automatically direct you a website where a large bank of mcqs are present.
  • In Nmdcat 2021, mostly of the mcqs were reasoning based. No letter and symbol series. Cause and effect, critical thinking and course of action are most important topic according to Nmdcat perspective.


Pmc syllabus is just an illusion. Restricting yourself to this syllabus is not enough. At least prepare your board’s FSC books fully. Last year relevant questions were asked from topics mentioned. So, try to prepare related topics as well. Analyze pmc strategy, for this I would recommend to register yourself earlier to get your desired dates and then critically analyze pmc strategy during mdcat days. It will help you a lot in prioritizing topics. If you find some topic repeating again and again in mdcat, prepare it’s concepts fully. As last Time questions from Cv and Cl were most repeated , Almost every student got 2-3 mcqs from this topic. So, analyze things by yourself and get prepared. Best of luck.

Written by: Khadijah Shabir


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