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PMC Public announcement

Dear MDCAT students, PMC has announced official notice regarding MDCAT test and MDCAT admission criteria. It is very important to know for each medical student when taking admission in any Government or private medical and dental college. The news is published on each platform of PMC for example PMC website, PMC official twitter page and all other social medial platforms. This news can be cross verified from any official source of PMC. Following are complete details regarding PMC notice MDCAT test and Admission:

Official Notice:

  1. As held by the August Supreme Court of Pakistan in its Judgment in CP No.4944 of 2021 and read with Section 18(1) of the PMC Act 2020 ONLY Students who have passed the MDCAT as per the result announced by PMC shall be eligible for admission to a medical or dental college. This applies to ALL public and private medical or dental colleges in Pakistan without exception.
  2. Under Section 13(c) read with Section 18(1) of the PMC Act 2020, the National Medical and Dental Academic Board and the Medical and Dental Council have the exclusive authority to determine and set the standard and passing marks for MDCAT. No other entity or authority can vary or alter the standard or passing marks for M DCAT.
  3. The minimum passing marks for MDCAT are 137 (65%). A student who has not received an MDCAT Pass Certificate from PMC is not eligible for admission. A student who has not qualified the MDCAT will not be registered by the Pakistan Medical Commission even if illegally admitted by a college. Any student attempting to obtain admission without having qualified the MDCAT shall do so at their own risk and cost and shall not acquire any right to admission or regularization.
  4. Any medical or dental college which admits a student who has not passed the MDCAT shall be liable to strict penal action in accordance with law including cancellation of their accreditation and registration as a medical or dental college. Strict legal action will be taken against any colleges that accept such admissions and fail to follow the published admission criteria as per the regulations.
  5. Under Section 18(2) of the PMC Act 2020, a student who has not qualified the MDCAT shall not be granted an MBBS or BDS degree in Pakistan. Thus, a student who has not qualified the MDCAT will not be eligible for licensing as a medical or dental practitioner in Pakistan.

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