Practice Mcqs for Entry Test

MDCAT Practice Mcqs


1-The branch of biology which deals with the study of social behavior and communal life of human beings living in any environment is called :
A. Environmental biology
B. Social biology
C. Human biology
D. Both b and c

2. Out of 92 naturally occurring chemical elements how many are considered as bio-elements:
A. 6
B. 16
C. 26
D. 15

3. Oxygen accounts for ____ % of totals human body mass:
A. 65%
B. 18%
C. 10%
D. 3%

4. The atoms of different elements combine with each other through ionic or covalent bonding to produce compounds this stable form is called:
A. An organ
B. A molecule
C. Tissue
D. Both a and c

5. Which one is a micromolecule?
A. Polysaccharide
B. Protein
C. Hemoglobin

6. A structure formed by groups of similar cells organized into loose sheetsor bundles performing similar functions is called as:
A. An organ
B. An organism
C. A Tissue
D. A Cell


1-A man is in a car is moving with velocity of 36km/hr. His speed with repect to the car is ____________________?
A. 10m/s
B. 36m/s
C. zero
D. infinite

2-Area under velocity time graph represent_____________________?
A. force
B. displacement
C. distance
D. acceleration

3-Instantaneous and average velocities become equal when body___________________?
A. has zero acceleration
B. has uniform acceleration
C. has variable acceleration
D. moves in a circle

4-Inertia of an object is quantitative measure of its__________________?
A. volume
B. density
C. mass
D. temperature

5-1st law of motion gives the definition of _________________________?
A. rest
B. motion
C. velocity
D. force


1-Mass spectrometer is used to determine Mass number of isotopes and___________________?
A. Atomic number
B. Relative abundance
C. Electronic configuration
D. All of the above

2-The number of peaks obtained in mass spectrometry shows____________________?
A. Relative abundance
B. Average mass of element
C. Number of isotopes
D. Relative isotopic mass

3-Empirical formula of chloroform is____________________?
A. CH2 C12
B. CH3C1
C. CC14

4-Molecular mass of water (18g) means__________________?
A. 1-mole molecules of water
B. 1-gram molecule of water
C. 3-gram atoms
D. all

5-Which of the following statements about isotopes is correct ?
A. Isotopes with odd atomic number are abundant
B. Isotopes with odd atomic number and even mass number are abundant
C. Isotopes with even atomic number and even mass number are abundant
D. Isotopes with even atomic number and odd mass no are abundant

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