Dear students, as you are aware, team expert mdcat is working ever harder to alleviate student stress and to still provide high-quality instructional materials for their bright future. Essentially, expert mdcat offers services through a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Expert mdcat is the with each day, and the team’s efforts are making it better by the moment. We really make it a point to provide the best available service for our students and to provide them with as many options as possible when it comes to career counselling. Students are often disappointed by the prospect of disappointment and becoming depressed, putting them in a frustrating and irritating environment. Time moves slowly and inexorably, resulting in unpredictable outcomes. As a result, we must provide counselling and feedback to our students, as well as keep them informed about the current situation. As a result, I am delighted to announce that expert mdcat is a forum with a noble mission. The aim of this forum is to provide comprehensive career and educational counseling to our students. After intermediate/ FSC/A level, the majority of students seem to be unsure about their next step in their education. Furthermore, most pre-medical students who choose to pursue a career in medicine believe that only MBBS is an option for serving in the medical sector. Apart from MBBS, there are many other medical areas in which people can advance their careers and ensure their future. Whatever the case might be, if you try hard enough, you will undoubtedly accomplish your goal. However, in today’s world, working harder and smarter is the path to success. In Pakistan, for example, every year thousands of students who scored above 90% in metric/SSC/O level and intermediate/HSSC/A level attempt the “MDCAT” examination to gain admission to medical colleges across the country. Due to the restricted number of medical student seats in each college, only a small percentage of students who took the MDCAT were accepted. It is not wrong to conclude that just 1/25th of all students were accepted into MBBS. But wait, what about the rest of the students? What will they do? Have you ever considered it? Yes, you are right, and you are absolutely correct. They decide to change by taking the FSC in its entirety or in sections, and then taking the MDCAT exam again. As a result, this trend occurs year after year, as the number of people who progress grows. As a result, students must work smarter this time in order to save their future! But, what exactly do they do? Well, indeed! They must access an authentic forum that offers comprehensive advice and the best career options. As the world has moved entirely to online mode, accessing everything from your smartphone has become quite easy. As a result of the outbreak, instructional programmes have shifted to an online format. Due to Pakistan’s status as a developing nation, many obstacles arise, making it impossible for students to pursue their education in a positive manner!

Dear student, Expert mdcat supports you with free online preparation and career counselling. Well, indeed! The educational content on our website is updated on daily basis, and every user has easy access to this content. So come along with us and stay up to date on all the latest news.

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Dear students, when admissions advertisements for different colleges are publicly announced, we will publish them here. On our official YouTube page, we will also post a comprehensive video on “How to Apply” in the corresponding university. Additionally, notes, tests, keypoints, shortcuts, cramming points, key objectives, chapter wise test, topic wise test, unit wise test, half book test, full book test, FLP, HLP, early full-length paper, half-length paper from various academies (expert academy, kips academy, step academy, star academy) have been uploaded on our website for all subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. On a regular basis, new content for 2021 for Notes, Tests, keypoints, shortcuts, cramming points, key goals, chapter wise test, subject wise test, unit wise test, half book test, full book test, FLP, HLP, early full-length report, half-length paper of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English, as well as revised university admissions 2021 intake, is being uploaded.

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In this post, National Mdcat Test Registration 2021 link has uploaded which is officially announced on PMC website. Dear students, you can easily find the link given below. On a daily basis, various academies test related to mdcat preparation is uploaded on expert mdcat website. These tests are free of cost and available freely on our website. There is no money charge against this data. However, If you want to join expert academy mdcat 2021, then go to the below section and contact us via any social media platform or directly on our officially WhatsApp


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Expert MDCAT has taken initiative to provide latest MDCAT Books to students at discounted rate. Student will get books through home delivery. A special discount will be awarded to all.

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This time MDCAT ENGLISH BOOK is available which is very valuable for Students.

Chemical Grammar (5th Special Edition)

by Prof.Salman UL Waheed

Dear MDCAT/NUMS 2021 Aspirants,
“CHEMICAL GRAMMAR” is the country’s only book that meets the requirements of PMC National MDCAT in a true sense. No rule in the final paper comes out of this book. NMDCAT 2020 and NUMS 2020 were made from this book because the paper setters picked sentences from the examples given in its exercises. Thousands of students including the Toppers of UHS & PMC have achieved their goals after studying from this book. The 5th Edition of CG has been launched all across the country along with the 5th edition of “PMC/ NUMS MDCAT VOCAB PLUS” also written and published by Prof. Salman ul Waheed.

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For any type of query related to Expert MDCAT services

Cell : 03407833494

Smart Test Session by Expert MDCAT

🔴Duration* : 2 Months
Session Fund* : 1500/= Only
Syllabus* (PMC Revised Syllabus 2021) :👇
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Demo Video Discussion* 👇

High Achievers of NMDCAT 2020* 👇
For More Details :
WhatsApp : 03407833494
Via: Team Expert MDCAT

MDCAT Counseling Lectures

Following are very informative video lectures regarding MDCAT Preparations

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