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I am a MBBS’ student at NMU.I want to help u in Physics because Physicsis considered as the most difficult subject in mdcat while i think students also get good marks in physics in Fsc exams.Then why sudents take it as a monster in mdcat.I think the reason is that they do not know how they should prepare physics for mdcat.Now i am providing u a complete guideline about physics how u should prepare this subject for mdcat.First of all, take a start from your text book not from helping books like kips, stars, etc books or tests.Do prepare your text book in the way i have been explained below.Then do practice.If u study them as i have described, i assure you that u will solve your physics’ mcqs easily.Mdcat is not so difficult as your accadmies tests.About 4 to 5 mcqs in mdcat are little bit conceptual.Even if u have strong memory, u can attempt mdcat’ physics paper without any difficulty.You make mistakes just because of lack of concentration or due to some fear.Those students who do not join any accademy, can prepare physics from these points given below.

Plz do not confuse yourself with those things, formulas, mcqs which are not included in your mdcat syllabus.Always take start from easy one.First do practice of easy mcqs then the difficult one.So Be relax.Do your best.

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May Allah help u.I have also made mcqs for practice.InshAllah after reading/craming the points which are given below,u will able to solve questions of mdcat level.Just follow the given instructions. Best of luck.

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