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Physics Craming Points by
Efforts:Khalid Ismail
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Dear Students, EXPERT MDCAT Platform is providing you all type of Study material at one place.Its our Passion to help others, this time I’m going to upload cramming points of physics .

For most people , your Brain’s peak performance happens 2-4 hours after you wake-up. Get to work: Write an outline of the most important points in the chapter your just covered ,then,it will help you alot in preparing physics .Dear Students!!
Now I’m going to upload  Cramming Points of physics Examz Preparation before One week..
1-First of All Cut out the Fat from your Revision…
2- Summarized your whole Syllabus..
3-Whip Up some Flashcards + Sticky Notes..
4-Familiarise yourself with Past Papers..
5- Relax and Clear your Head..
6-Make Use of Mind Maps, Charts & Graph..
7-Teach A Friend..
8- At the End Revise With Essay Plans…
At the End of post It’s our Humble Request To All  members Always Remember Us in Yours Prayers.
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