Online NUMS test 12|Chemistry 2nd year half|key+ discussion| by AIDE Pakistan

    AIDE Pakistan NUMS Online Test

                        #Test No 12

Dear Students, we are Providing you Online tests for NUMS 2018 conducted by AIDE Pakistan, Follow this test schedule for your Maximum Prep.
Tests are the best way to assess yourself.

Do as much practice as you can.
It will give you enough confidence to get through the exam.
You need three things to get through the exam 
1) work as much hard as any man can 
2)believe in yourself 
3)remember Allah and say your prayers regularly 
It’s not calamity to die with the dreams unfulfilled but it’s calamity not to dream.
Not failure but low aim is a sin.
Choose goals that are big.
You never fail in your life. Sometimes you get, sometimes you learn.
We are trying to provide you with useful material as well as schedule.
It’s your duty to follow and read it. 
No one is going to do it for you, you have to do it by yourself.
Even freedom is never gifted on a silver plate, it also requires relentless struggle and sustained sacrifice.
There are no secrets of success, it’s the result of great hard work and determination.
Do your best and forget the rest. 
Good luck and stay blessed.
May Allah help you to achieve your goals.
Here is the schedule of online tests for NUMS 2018

Chemistry: 2nd year (half)

 #Test with key and Discussion:

 click here

             Remember in Prayers


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