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No matter where they live, everybody may access education. There is something that is intended to aid your academic progress at the expense of your attention, affection, and support. a website with educational resources to help you with academic or career-related issues. For students who cannot afford the costs of MDCAT academies, a Facebook group has been founded. The team was known as “EXPERT MDCAT.” For the previous two years, members of this group have actively supported all students. Its main goal is to assist students who are unable to pay for the high cost of MDCAT exam preparation in big cities. The daily progress of this group may be used to gauge how hard it works and passionate it is about helping others. The journey continues from Zero with a caravan of thousands of pupils. This organization offers statistics and information about the FSC, MDCAT, and university entrance. “EXPERT MDCAT” now has a website and a mobile app. Students may use this platform to get rid of their stress and obligations. Through a crucial faithfulness like counseling, it aids you in making better future plans. I really hope everything is going well for you since August has finally arrived and your pivotal day is quickly approaching. I’m hoping you’re in complete control of both your nerves and the circumstance. The practice exam sessions are coming to an end. By this time, those of you who are persistent will have learnt the strategies and overcame the majority of their weaknesses. You have an opportunity to develop yourself every day. Up until the night before the exam, you have the whole day to work on yourself. Take advantage of any chance that comes your way. And by opportunity, we mean the challenges that may allow you to put your knowledge and time management abilities to the test. Every academy offers big exams, crash tests, and simulated tests that are all suitable for studying for. Many of you may have enrolled in many academies to expose yourself to various MCQs and situations.

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15000+ MCQs Question Bank

GRIP academy provides best NMDCAT publications according to PMC 2022 syllabus. Download Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) National Medical and Dental College Admission Test (NMDCAT) 2021 Paid-Practice.

Test No.1 to Test No.30

pmc practice test

3000+ MCQs – Chemistry
3000+ MCQs – Physics
3000+ MCQs – Biology
3000+ MCQs – English
3000+ MCQs – Logical Reasoning

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