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CHEMICAL GRAMMAR By Prof. Salman Ul Waheed


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Dear MDCAT/NUMS 2021 Aspirants,” CHEMICAL GRAMMAR” is the country’s only book that meets the requirements of PMC National MDCAT in a true sense. No rule in the final paper comes out of this book. NMDCAT 2020 and NUMS 2020 were made from this book because the paper setters picked sentences from the examples given in its exercises. Thousands of students including the Toppers of UHS & PMC have achieved their goals after studying from this book. The 5th Edition of CG has been launched all across the country alongwith the 5th edition of “PMC/ NUMS MDCAT VOCAB PLUS” also written and published by Prof. Salman ul Waheed. The method to get these two most important books of the world of MDCAT is very very easy.

Price Details:

  • Chemical Grammar Price: 580
  • Delivery Charges: 220
  • Total amount for both the books including delivery charges: Rs. 1200

Chemical Grammar including delivery Charges : Rs.800

10% discount will be awarded on Online Order

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