NUMS online test 6 |Physics book 2,1st Half By AIDE Pakistan

AIDE Pakistan NUMS Online Test
       #Test No #6
(Physics Book 2.1st Half)

Dear Students ,we are Providing you Online tests for NUMS 2018 conducted by AIDE Pakistan,Follow this test schedule for your Maximum Prep.

For the accomplishment of a goal,give yourself the task.Try to cover the syllabus according to the given schedule.
Here are the following tips for developing your concentration towards books.
Give yourself a goal.
Divide the goal into smaller parts. 
Study the topics under time pressure.
After finishing one goal,you will feel positive.
You will get enough energy and motivation to study further.
Give yourself a reward after completing ur desired topics.
Fulfill your physical needs (hunger,sleep)
Make your life meaningful.
Every day is a new chance to achieve your goals.
Time is precious.Don’t waste this time over meaningless things.
It is bad news that time flies but it is good news that you are a pilot.
May Allah bless you all with every possible success.
Here is schedule of online tests for NUMS 2018

 #Test with key and Discussion:
Kindly click on link given below to downlaod test

           Remember in Prayers

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