1.One mole of CO2 contains?
A. 6.022 x 1023 atoms of oxygen
B. 22-gram electrons
C. 6.022 x 1023 atms of carbon
D. both B. & C.
2.The number of isotopes of elements with even mass number and even atomic number are ________________?
A. 280
B. 300
C. 154
D. 54
3.Which of the following terms is not used for ionic compound ?
A. formula unit
B. empirical formula
C. molecular formula
D. formula mass
4.moles of each aluminium and oxygen react with each other to produce aluminium oxide. The amount of product formed is______________________?
A. 0.18 mole
B. 0.27 mole
C. 0.24 mole
D. 0.09 mole


1.Which shows the correct relation between time of flight T and maximum height H ?
A. H=gT2/8
B. H=8T2/g
C. H=8g/T2
D. H=gT2
2.Taking off rocket can be explained by __________________?
A. 1st law of motion
B. 2nd law of motion
C. Law of conservation of momentum
D. law of conservation of energy
3.What is the angle of projection for which the range and maximum height become equal ?
A. tan-1 ¼
B. tan-1 4
C. tan-1 ½
D. tan-1 2
4.Distance covered by a freely falling body in 2 seconds will be__________________?
A. 4.9 m
B. 19.6 m
C. 39.2 m
D. 44.1 m


1. In animals, coordination is achieved by means of
A. Respiratory system
B. Nervous system
C. Endocrine system
D. Both B and C
2. Group of living organisms of the same species living in the same place at the same time is called
A. Community
B. Population
C. Ecosystem
D. Biome
3. Different species of plants and animals living in the same habitat is called :
A. Population
B. Community
C. Biome
D. Habitat
4. A large regional community primarily determined by climate is called :
A. Population
B. Community
C. Biome
D. Habitat


At which angle the range of the projectile is maximum____________________?
A. 45
B. 60
C. 30
D. none
Time rate of change of momentum is equal to____________________?
A. force
B. impulse
C. velocity
D. both A and C
Why Ballistic missile fails in some circumstances of precision ?
A. due to their shape
B. due to air resistance
C. due to angle of projection
D. all of these


A conclusion of Mendel’s work later became a
A. Scientific hypothesis
B. Theory
C. Scientific law
D. Productive theory
22. Breeders have developed new and better varieties of food items by using which technique:
A. Pasteurization
B. Hydroponic culture technique
C. Genetic engineering
D. Biological control technique
23. Production of genetically identical copies of organisms/cells by asexual reproduction is called
A. Mitosis
B. Replication
C. Cloning
D. Biological control
24. Astronauts may use which technique to grow fruits and vegetables
A. Tissue culture techniques
B. Cloning
C. Pasterisation
D. Hydroponic culture technique


The volume occupied by 2.8 g of N2 at STP______________________?
A. 2.24 dm3
B. 22.4 dm3
C. 1.12 dm3
D. 112 dm3
The number of moles of CO2 which contains 16 g of oxygen is__________________?
A. 0.25
B. 0.5
C. 0.75
D. 1
How many isotopes have odd atomic number ?
A. 154
B. 280
C. 86
D. 300
Percentage of calcium in calcium carbonate is___________________?
A. 80%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 20%

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