My Experience to NMDCAT 2021 (157/210)

PMC National MDCAT 2021

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My Experience to NMDCAT 2021 (157/210)

1 Sept 2:00 pm Punjab Test Breakdown
-) My Teps’ website is not working so I am still unaware of my result.
PS: I studied ALL the mentioned topics in the syllabus so I know exactly which topics were outta syllabus plus this is 100% truthful post. And I’m a repeater. Got 175 last year. I turned down German government university acceptance because I was sure I’m gonna get a seat but well..
Mostly the questions were General Knowledge based with confusing options. Here are the examples:
*When sexual arousal starts it’s called:
(rest 2 options were way random so I don’t remember them but the option of “BOTH” was not there).
HALF of the GK Mcqs were like the above, that could’ve been easier if the options were clearer.
Rest half MCQS from the BOOK had confusing options too like
Which of the following is the binomial equation
A) Hardy Weinberg (not in the syllabus)
B) Michalis–Menten (never heard of it)
C) Both
D) Another oddly looking name
Mcqs like who discovered what, size of viruses, language origin were included too. Mostly topics were from Cell structure, Animalia, Evolution and 2 mcqs from Bioenergetics.
Not a single mcq was from the topics Reproduction (except the upper puberty one) , Kingdom Monera, Life processes in animals and plants (except Lymphatic System), Coordination and control, Biological molecules. They are the huge part of the syllabus but I was literally searching for the mcqs from them.
Almost 20 mcqs were very easy.
Mostly mcqs were from Solids (pro’bly 5 or 6), Gases (2 numerical), Transition Elements and Grignard Reagent (not in the syllabus).
Organic Chemistry was only given 6-7 mcqs outta which 2 were from Grignard Reagent rest were from Carboxylic Acid and Cannizzaro reaction.
I’ll recommend you to study whole books with no topics left.
Outta syllabus like
“when lactose react with methanol the product is called what”
“Who discovered state function” were there too.
Introduction of fundamental concepts of chemistry, Atomic Structure, Electrochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Bonding, S and p Block Elements were literally missing, not a single Mcqs.
It was way more like information based than conceptual one and was looking like its test of 3-5 chapters, the most poorly executed part.
It was looking like 8th class exam. Topics like conduction, convection, Earth Spinning were in bulk. A very few Mcqs were from book. Numerical options were like 8.12, 8.13, 8.14. This close.
And weird ones. Like literally one was this:
They have tensile strength:
A) High
B) Very High
C) Low
D) Moderate
Like who tf is he talking about. I specially checked the former mcq but that wasn’t related to this.
It was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy basic one like
Tell the tense “Did he do it?”
A) Past
B) Present
C) Future
D) none
Two mcqs were like this.
Compound and Complex sentences were given two mcqs. My vocabulary word was “Kindred”.
It was just like the examples given in the syllabus. Symbols weren’t asked. One numerical was included.

*If someone has given or seen NUMS’ test it was like that not like the MDCATs of past years.
*Past year’s MDCAT had outta syllabus mcqs but they were just 5 or 6% it’s tolerable but this… Lucky ones who has passed in the past year.
*Felt like paper setters haven’t seen the syllabus, not of a single subject. Pong of mcqs from related topics while a half of book wasn’t even touched
*Options were hella confusing like two options exactly the same but there is no both option. Two options are same yet a litttttttte bit contrasting but there is a BOTH option dancing.
*I would recommend y’all to study the WHOLE damn books A to Z cause they are not giving a sh*t about syllabus, remember information more than concepts.
*Read 8th class books too if you have time. It’s better than remorse.
*Time was in bulk so I kinda read my exam twice that’s why I remember all the ratios of topics (one more hour than past year boom!).
*”Agar test muskil hai to sab ky liy mushkil hota hai” can I say this now?
*Surf the internet for SAT or GMAT Mcqs.
In last I didn’t mean to hurt y’all feelings I’m just spitting facts, so don’t hurt mine in the comments I already did by recalling all this. I studied every single thing in the syllabus but I’m damn sure I’m not gonna make it. :

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