Mistakes Made by Students During MDCAT Preparation

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Sent by A member !

Assalam o alaikum. I am MDCAT Improvers and here I will try to explain mistakes made by students during MDCAT preparation….

➡️1: Following are the some aspects of MDCAT:

🔴 Knowledge 🔴I.Q




🔴Analytical ability

✨As competition is at its mount students should b perfect in all above aspects.

➡️2: Some students waste their time in useless activities like;

✨social media

✨useless talk & parties wd frndz while MDCAT students should b serious about studies .Such kind of non serious behaviour of students contributes to their failure .

➡️3: Many students who move towards big cities for MDCAT preparation fond themselves free don’t take care of their studies .

➡️4: Some students prefer academy notes📋 and preparation books while main focus should b text book 📖 & I think this is huge mistake made by many students .I made the same mistake😞.

➡️5: Despite excellent preparation some students become overconfident while others become nervous.

They lose their nerves & fail to tackle test in best way.

➡️6: Time management during MDCAT preparation & test day also play key role in success of students.

➡️7: students should b well aware of syllabus & short tricks.Some students waste their time in preparing extra topic, so should be careful😊.

🔵 I tried my best to expain important points which I observed during MDCAT. I hope will help someone💖 & I request students not to make such mistakes🙏😊….

✨🔴At the end, I will say to all students “Don’t take the paper easy. It is a two and a half hour game which will decide the fate of your many years struggle & eventually your future🥰….

➡️ Some hard-working students spent their most time in studying.They don’t take care of their health.They don’t take proper & required sleep so it rzlts in mental disturbance and health issues of students.

🔴So should take care of health first.

Regards: Rabia ( Expert MDCAT)

🔴Best of luck to all students 👍✨


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