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Assalam o Alaikum!
Dear Mdcatians, You all know very well that ‘EXPERT MDCAT’ to help the precious members through Mdcat material.🙂
Ab Mdcat is name of #PRACTICE #PRACTICE nd #PRACTICE.As many MCQs you solved,you’ll be better prepare for #grand test MDCAT🙃
Here I m gonna share regarding a very tough nd technical subject “PHYSICS”………BUT BUT BUT dear future doctors!!!! It is not as much difficult as you all think….Its actually a #tricky subject.Its is not a monster you have to afraid of🙅🏼.

But you must know how worth it is for your future😊
Of all four subjects of MDCAT #physics is the most important that’s why a little more effort in physics can make your aggregate and a little carelessness can drag you away from your dream😕

Actually MCQs of physics in paper are both difficult and easy.There is 40 MCQs….some are quite easy “as such text book lines” or any of “constant’s value”😊 Others are tricky but not as such difficult ☺.In order not to lose these 40 marks which LITERALLY DECIDE YOUR MERIT, the thing you have to is “practice,practice and practice”🙃

Now I m gonna share some important things regarding PHYSICS…..
1⃣Read textBooks for ‘book statement mcqs’.🙂
2⃣Took out your lecture notes and revise them(Also available on website )☺
3⃣Don’t only memorize things,you need to build logic and facts to solve MCQs.🙃
4⃣As calculator is not allowed so practice without it.😊
5⃣Write all formulas of topic you r preparing on separate paper,remould them and derive other formulas from them.All formulas of PHYSICS should be on finger tips.☺
6⃣And again I must say #practice #practice and #practice.😌
Practice is important in MDCAT but it is the most important in case of PHYSICS…But problem is “Where is the practice material?”……..Don’t worry we are here with all ‘Mdcat Physics Mcqs’….Team EXPERT MDCAT is here to help mdcatian free of cost…..So here’s important ‘Mdcat Physics Mcqs’😌

To Download MDCAT Physics UnitWose Practice Mcqs in Pdf

Click Here

One of the best material is provided to you…So do avail this opportunity.
The major issue regarding Physics preparation is ‘practice material’.But now it is provided to you..Do practice because your future is only in your hands.🙃

Via:Team Expert Mdcat
Remember us in your precious Prayers 🤗


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