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MDCAT preparation 2020

AOA! As the date of MDCAT has been announced, I want to share some tips & techniques for solving MCQs and preparation with you. Hope this proves helpful for you.

MCQ Solving Tips & Techniques:

• Read the question completely and find the keyword in the question (the point which the examiner is actually trying to ask).

• Pay attention to words like “EXCEPT” and “NOT”, otherwise you may end up selecting the opposite option despite knowing the correct answer.

• Do read all the options for that question before filling the bubble e.g. if you fill “A” in excitement without reading the other options, it could be true but may be C or D would be specific and more appropriate options. In other words, select the best possible answer.

• Eliminate those options which you think are 100% incorrect and focus on the other options. This increases the probability of your giving a correct answer and may help you in effective time management.

• First answer those questions which you understand well. This’ll boost your confidence. Also jot down the MCQs which you have missed and spare some time to answer those.

• Don’t miss any MCQ. Each and every mark carries weightage. Answer all of them according to your perception and select the option which you feel is more appropriate.

• Don’t waste too much time on 1 MCQ. In this way, you may consume the time that was supposed to be designated to the other ones. If you get stuck on 1 MCQ, simply move to the next.

• Don’t overthink. Mostly, the concepts that flash in your mind instantly are the ones applicable.

• Keep a good track of the sequence of MCQs e.g. if you are solving Chemistry portion, make sure that you fill the 81st bubble instead of 80th.

• Try to fill the bubble completely.

• In case you fill any bubble wrong or your sequence of bubbles is disturbed (I pray that this doesn’t happen with anyone. Aameen.), don’t panic and think that what is done can’t be undone. All the other MCQs are now important for you. Don’t lose hope.

• Time management is pivotal to your success. Designate specific time to every portion as per your convenience. Usually, Biology and English MCQs require less time and Physics MCQs consume more time due to the calculations.


MCQs Solving:

• Identify the quantity in the question which is asked to be calculated.

• Think of the formulae for the calculation of the required quantity (So all the formulas of the topics included in your UHS guideline should be memorized by you).

• Deduce the formula which is applicable based on the quantities that have been provided to you in the question.

• You’ll have to learn the values of some constants that are used in the formulae.

• Round off the values to make your calculations easier and simpler and save your precious time.

• Always recheck the options while making calculations. Usually the gap between options is wide. So mostly you won’t need to calculate to decimal places e.g. you have 2 options, 10 and 20 and your answer is 10. something; you don’t need to calculate the rest.

• Keep an eye on the units in the answers during the process of calculations. If an option contains a unit that is not of the quantity asked in the question, of course it isn’t the right answer, so immediately eliminate it.

For practice & preparation: Solve the numericals in the examples and exercises of topics included in the guidelines. Also keep consulting the past papers time to time to remain aware of the type and difficulty of questions asked in MCAT. You should have maximum practice in order to secure good marks in Physics, so also solve practice books.


MCQs Solving:

The questions of Biology section are exact book lines. So they are comparatively easier to solve.

For practice & preparation: Focus on the book, read every sentence, make as many MCQs out of each and every line as you can and mark it with different colours and highlighters. Don’t forget to read the side boxes. Also study the labeling of diagrams.


For chemistry, concepts are a lot more important. Some points are to be understood, some things to be memorized. Do comparative revision of organic (compare families of organic compounds) and inorganic chemistry. Some topics of 1st year are challenging, give more time to them.


This portion is the easiest in my opinion. The questions are quite simple and most of them can be answered using simple grammatical rules. So no need to worry, provided your basics of English are strong. But still, you’ll need to learn & apply some rules. The difference-making portion is vocabulary. It is not to be neglected. Revise 20-25 words daily.

Try to act upon these points during your preparation and practice tests.

Your mindset:

It is crucial to have an optimistic approach during these times. Don’t overthink about the past or future. You should have a firm faith in Allah Almighty. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Keep praying to Allah for your success.

Keep reciting

درود شریف

Remember me in your Prayers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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